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USPS No Authorized Recipient Available – What to Do?

You’ve received a “USPS No Authorized Recipient Available” notice. What does it mean and what do you do next? Let’s take a look.

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USPS No Authorized Recipient Available – Meaning

“USPS No Authorized Recipient Available” means that USPS attempted to deliver a package and the addressee (or viable alternative) was not available to sign for it.

When a signature is required and the delivery person is unable to obtain one they will take the package back to the post office.

What to do When you Receive a “USPS No Authorized Recipient Available” Notice?

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If USPS has left a peach-colored slip, (the PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice), you will be able to contact USPS or head to and arrange for the item to be redelivered.

You will need to cite the number provided on the slip and arrange a date that works for you.

You or a household member will need to be at the residence to sign for the package.

There are a number of options available via the form. You can scan a QR code and manage redelivery via the USPS app. You can also request to have the package delivered to a USPS Parcel Locker.

If no peach slip has been left, or you decide to not rearrange, USPS will often attempt redelivery the next day.

PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice 1
PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice

How many times will USPS attempt redelivery?

USPS will attempt 3 free redeliveries before the item will be scheduled as “return to sender”.

It is important to either be around to sign for the package during those attempts or schedule a specific date so that you can ensure you are there.

Alternatively, you can arrange to pick the item up at the post office, (see below).

Who Can Schedule and Accept a Redelivery?

USPS No Authorized Recipient Available

USPS state that a “responsible member of the addressee’s family, the addressee’s agent, or an employee” may schedule and/or accept a Redelivery.

No formal identification will need to be presented. Simply being inside the home or business is enough for USPS to consider that the person signing is associated with the person that the item is for.

However, the item can only be redelivered to the address originally stated on the package.

Picking up the Package From the Post Office

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If you schedule to pick up the item at the post office (and the item is addressed to you), you will have to provide a photographic ID with your name in order to retrieve it.

Businesses can notify their local Post Office in advance of all personnel that is authorized to pick up and sign for relevant mail. Again, a photo ID will be required.

Other options when you receive a “USPS No Authorized Recipient Available” notice


In some instances, you can sign the peach 3849 slip and leave it in your mailbox alongside a note saying that you authorize USPS to leave the package.

This will enable the USPS delivery person to deliver the package even if you are not home to sign for it directly.

However, not all delivery personnel will do this and if the service used to ship the item is strictly signature only, this option will not circumvent that.

Final Words

Essentially, USPS No Authorized Recipient Available is a standard notice that is used when a signature is required and no one is at the address to provide one.

You may also see this notice if the USPS delivery person considers it to be unsafe to leave the item unattended outside the property.

You should have been left a pick PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice that will enable you to arrange redelivery for a more convenient date.

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