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USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan – What Does it Mean?

You’re awaiting a package to be delivered and you have received an update stating USPS Awaiting Delivery scan.

What does this mean exactly? How close to delivery is your package and do you need to do anything?

Let’s take a look.

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Summary: USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan

The alert means that USPS is waiting to record the final delivery status of a mail item. In most cases, the package will be on the truck and out for delivery and will be scanned as delivered once the post person has successfully done so.

Guide: USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan

USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning

The main reason you are seeing an “Awaiting Delivery Scan” update is that the item is near to you. The item has been scanned at the facility and is now on the truck and out for delivery.

It is simply awaiting the final scan from the driver when they attempt delivery at your address. If all goes well, the next update you receive will say delivered.

If there is a complication or delivery could not be made, you will receive a related tracking update and will be able to act accordingly.

This will involve either scheduling redelivery or picking up the item from the post office.

The USPS driver will have left a notice in your mailbox to say that delivery was attempted.

USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan: Where is Your Package?


Reasons the Tracking is Stuck

If delivery is not made on the same day as you receive the alert, a problem may have occurred.

Here are some reasons you might be seeing a USPS awaiting delivery scan alert for an unreasonable amount of time, (i.e. over 24 hours). 

1. The Package Was Delivered But Not Updated

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If the driver doesn’t make the final scan when making the delivery at your address, the alert will remain stuck on USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan.

This can be confusing and may only be rectified much later in the day once the driver sees that the system shows that your package needs delivery, but they have already completed it.

2. Package Mislaid in Truck

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So, we’ve established that the USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan update normally comes prior to final delivery. 

If your tracking remains on this update, it could be that the package has been mislaid inside the truck and the driver hasn’t seen it.

The update remains if the driver has not carried out the final delivery scan.

This will be the case until either the package is physically noticed inside the truck, or the driver checks their scanner to see that an undelivered item remains.

3. The Driver Hasn’t Reached Your Address Yet

USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan

Sometimes a driver will not finish all the deliveries that they intended to complete that day.

If your tracking is stuck, it can mean that you have to wait until the following day for your item to arrive.

4. Item Misscanned

Although rare, it could be that your package has received an incorrect scan during the logistic process.

USPS mail handlers can attribute various codes to packages as they scan them.

Inside the facility, your item may have been scanned as “Awaiting Delivery” when actually it has yet to be allocated to a truck.

Or maybe the item is moving from one facility to the next and the “awaiting delivery” scan was made.

As we say, these errors are rare as USPS has measures in place to maintain logistical tracking standards. They can happen, however.

5. Item Placed on the Wrong Truck

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One final issue is that the item was placed onto the wrong truck for final delivery.

The “USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan” appears once the package has been placed onto the truck for final delivery.

If it ends up on the wrong truck, the driver will not be able to deliver it and the status will remain until the package is returned to the facility and is reallocated.

What To Do if Your Item Remains on “Awaiting Delivery Scan”?

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Your main option if the update remains for over 24 hours is to call your local post office or the main USPS customer services hotline.

You can email too of course, but this takes longer for a response.

Have your tracking number ready and explain that the awaiting delivery scan alert has remained for over a day.

They will likely tell you to wait a bit longer, however, they can also start the process of looking into what might have happened to the item.

We recommend that you call your local post office first as the package may have been returned there in cases where it was placed onto the wrong truck, mislaid, or misscanned.

What Does USPS “Awaiting Item” Mean?

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USPS “Awaiting Item” may seem close to “Awaiting Delivery Scan” in terms of wording, however, they are two very different updates.

USPS “Awaiting Item” means that that package is at the very beginning of its journey.

In fact, it occurs before USPS even has its hands on the item, (hence awaiting item).

For example, when you order a product online the seller will make arrangements for the item to be shipped to you.

They will create an order via USPS for the delivery of the package. At this point, a tracking code is created and you will be emailed this along with your purchase details.

However, the seller has yet to hand over the package to USPS for delivery.

The tracking update will remain on “Awaiting Item” until the package enters the USPS delivery system and receives its first scan.

Final Words

Essentially, a USPS “Awaiting Delivery” scan means that the mail item will soon be with you.

In most cases, the package will be on the truck and out for delivery. The next step is the item reaching your front door or mailbox.

And if there is a delay, you now know what it might mean and what to do. 🙂

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