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The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed (DHL)

You’re expecting a delivery via DHL and have received a “The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed” status update.

What does this mean and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed

This update from DHL generally means that there has been a change to the proposed delivery schedule of the shipment. In short, it is likely to be delayed.

The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed – Guide

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The requested service has been changed alert is normally accompanied by an additional line stating “for assistance please contact DHL”.

Essentially, if you have received this update your package is likely experiencing a delay. In order to confirm the nature of the delay and when your package might now arrive, you should contact DHL for confirmation and assistance, (as prompted in the update).

The alert is triggered as the package progresses within the DHL delivery network.

The delivery schedule originally attached to the shipment may not take place and now DHL is proposing making a change to the requested service.

As this could mean a number of different changes, it is worthwhile calling DHL to find out more.

That being said, if time is not of the essence to you as the recipient, you can wait for further updates that should shed light on when your package will arrive under the changed terms.

Tracking Stuck on “The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed”

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If the DHL tracking ends up stuck on this update, an issue beyond that of just a delay may have occurred.

In this case, you should take the time to contact DHL directly to find out what has happened.

Either recipient or the sender is in the position to do this.

Where is your package when you receive this update?

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Unfortunately, the package can be anywhere along the shipment journey when this update is triggered.

It is unlikely to be in the facility closest to the recipient, as the alert is normally sent before it reaches this stage.

However, looking at your tracking details to ascertain where the package was before the update was sent can help pin down the level of progress.

What happens after a “The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed” alert?

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In most scenarios, whether either party contacts DHL or decides to wait it out, the package should continue on through the delivery of the network.

The requested service being changed simply means that a new delivery window will occur.

This new schedule should be made apparent on your tracking page. 

When the package is “out for delivery” you will know that the item will be arriving at the recipient’s address that day.

Final Words

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An “The Requested Service For Your Shipment Has Been Changed” alert can be an annoying update to receive.

It might mean that you have to make arrangements to receive your item on a different day, or even have it left at a pickup point if the change of service means you will not be around to accept the package.

DHL does recommend that you get in contact in order to obtain full details of the change.

This is wise as it will help you keep up to date on any proposed delivery times.

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