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“The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” – GLS Tracking 

You’re expecting a delivery via GLS and have received a “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and what should you do if the tracking is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center

This GLS update means that the package has left a sorting facility (Parcel Center) and is now in transit to the next location in the delivery network. This will be to another parcel center closer to the recipient’s address. 

The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center – Guide

GLS Parcel Center
Jochen Teufel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” status alert from GLS can actually be triggered several times throughout the shipment journey.

The first time you will see this update will be after the package has left the parcel center (sorting facility), close to the sender. This is can be thought of as the origin facility.

Now in transit, the shipment will be headed toward a facility along the route to the recipient. Upon entering this, a “The parcel has reached a parcel center” alert will be triggered.

The package will then be sorted and dispatched accordingly, at which point you will see the “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” once again.

The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center

Finally, when the package reaches the center closest to the delivery address, it will be sorted and assigned to a driver for final delivery.

At this point, you will receive a “The parcel is expected to be delivered during the day” update.

Once the package leaves the facility at this point, final delivery to the recipient will take place that business day.

So Where is My Package After the Update?

inside a delivery van in transit
Your package is in transit when you see this update

Because the “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” alert can be triggered at various points during the shipment journey, the most you can really know is that the item is in transit when you receive the update.

That being said, common sense and a look at any alerts that precede this will help.

Essentially, if your parcel has recently reached a parcel facility close to the origin, the shipment is still in the early stages.

If the package has already passed through one or more parcel centers, the chances are it is now in transit to the final sorting center in the delivery chain.

After arriving there, it will be sorted for final delivery.

Tracking Stuck on “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center”

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So what happens if your GLS tracking ends up stuck on this update?

First, it is good to define stuck in terms of how long you have seen this update without receiving any new alerts.

In my experience, it can be quite normal for a GLS package to be “stuck” on “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” for two to three days.

The item is in transit to the next destination in the delivery network after all.

You also need to factor in how long it may take for the parcel to be scanned when it reaches the next sort facility.

All sorts of minor logistical issues can cause a slight delay here, (package volumes, technical issues, weather, and traffic while the shipment is in transit).

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The above means that you might even wait 5 business days before you see a new update.

Of course, the service speed ordered (was it premium expedited?) and the distance to be traveled (is it an international package), all play a part in how long you should wait before contacting GLS.

I recommend that if 5 days pass on a domestic shipment without any progress you have grounds to make inquiries.

For an International shipment, you should wait a little longer.

Final Words

GLS van

The “The Parcel Has Left the Parcel Center” is a self-explanatory update that means the package is now in transit after leaving a GLS sorting center.

In most cases, the parcel will be on the way to another parcel center further along the shipment route.

Once it reaches the final center in the region of the recipient, it will be sorted and dispatched for final delivery to the destination address.

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