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Sunyou Economic Air Mail – Complete Guide

You’ve made an order through AliExpress, and the invoice states Sunyou Economic Air Mail as the delivery method.

What does this mean exactly? Who is Sunyou and how long will they take to deliver your item?

Let’s take a look…

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Sunyou Economic Air Mail – Summary

Sunyou Economic Air Mail is a low-budget shipping service used by Chinese eCommerce platforms for cheap delivery of products to the rest of the world. Sunyou is a logistics company that operates only within China. It pickups up orders from the e-commerce warehouses and transports goods to airports where it is handed over to linehaul services for dispatch to the destination country.

Sunyou Economic Air Mail – What is it Used For?

Sunyou Economic Air Mail is a service designed for goods 2kg or under in weight that can be transported as air cargo.

Ecommerce platforms based in China such as AliExpress, Alibaba, and Wish utilize Sunyou Economic Air Mail as a way of shipping small items via air mail to destinations right across the globe.

Customers in Europe, North America, India, Africa, and Australasia can all receive an item ordered on a Chinese sales platform with Sunyou as the economy shipping choice.

What Does Sunyou Do?

As mentioned in the summary above, Sunyou is responsible for the logistics between the sender and the moment the item is handed over to the line-haul carrier. This is the service responsible for transporting the consignment overseas.

In the case of Sunyou Economic Air Mail, the linehaul carrier is a logistics service with airplanes. China Air is the main operator used by Sunyou.

Sunyou Economic Air Mail – Tracking

Sunyou Economic Air Mail

The Sunyou Economic Air Mail tracking number comes in two different formats:

  • SYxxxxxxxxxxx
  • LPxxxxxxxxxxx

However, the shipment can be only tracked using these numbers whilst it is in China.

Once the item has been handed over to customs and the line-haul carrier responsible for overseas transit, you will no longer be able to track progress until it reaches the destination country.

We make this point, as Sunyou has a bad reputation online from frustrated customers that we’re unaware of this fact. They understandably assume that the Sunyou tracking has either stopped working or is fake.

Add that to the reality that Sunyou Economic Air Mail is very slow, (more on that below) and you end up with a lot of less than satisfied customers.

Tracking Your Sanyo Economic Air Mail Outside of China

tracking details search

So, how can you keep up to date on the progress of your package once it leaves China? 

In truth, you can’t. Once the item is with linehaul any scan made on the consignment will be for internal processes only.

And even then, there will not be many scans. The item will either be stuck in a warehouse within the airport complex awaiting dispatch or sat in the hold of an aircraft, (the latter admittedly will not be for too long).

It is only once the shipment has arrived in the destination country and the carrier service responsible for final delivery has scanned it, that will you be able to receive further updates.

This is very often multiple weeks after the initial shipment start date.

At this point, your original Sunyou tracking will not work within the Sunyou tracking website. You will need to use the details you have within a universal tracking service to find the latest updates.

We recommend 17Track and Parcelsapp for this. 

Another method if you live in the U.S is to use the USPS “Informed Delivery” service.

Assuming you have already signed up, you will be able to find details of the shipment as long as the address attached to the account is the same as the delivery address of the consignment.

How Long Does a Sunyou Economic Air Mail Shipment Take?

This is very important to remember. The reason Sunyou Economic Air Mail is cheap is that it is slow.

If there are no complications to either your order (in terms of the contents or customs paperwork) or the logistics processes, (delays, etc) your package will take between 15 and 35 days to arrive.

However, if there are any complications you can expect to wait between 35-60 days. Unfortunately, by taking into account the sheer number of online complaints, this latter timeline is not uncommon.

Add all of this to the lack of tracking information and you may end up frustrated as you wait for your delivery to arrive.

How to Contact Sunyou Customer Services?

If you decide to contact Sunyou the details are as follows:

  • Telephone Number: 86-0755-83766626
  • Fax Number: 86-0755-83766630
  • Contact Email:

If you have a complaint and have purchased your item on AliExpress you are also covered by the 60-day buyer’s guarantee period.

In short, this allows you to open a dispute with the seller if the item doesn’t arrive within that time frame.

If your package is nowhere to be seen, contact the seller and open a dispute before your guarantee period runs out.

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