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Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility – Canada Post

You’re expecting a delivery from Canada Post and have received a “Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? How long is your parcel from delivery and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility

This update from Canada Post means that the package has arrived at the postal facility in the region of the sender. The item has been scanned upon being received at the facility, and that action has triggered this alert.

Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility – Guide

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Your package is at the beginning of its shipment journey when you see this update.

The sender has posted it, (or handed it over to a Canada Post driver or to the post office) and the package has now been scanned for the first time within the origin postal facility.

This means it could be inside the origin post office, or sorting facility (depending on the method the sender used to post the item).

The next step inside the postal facility will be sorting and dispatching to another facility closer to the destination address.

In many ways, the “Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility” alert means that the package has arrived at the first point in the Canada Post delivery network for that shipment.

Why is My Tracking Stuck on this Update!?

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There is a very good chance you have reached this article because your tracking is now stuck on this update.

Before we determine whether your package has actually stopped moving, it is worthwhile considering whether all you are facing is missed scan situation.

If your package was not scanned after being sorted and processed through the facility (and therefore did not trigger the “Item Processed” update) your item will be in transit without you knowing it.

In other words, the shipment is moving and is on its way to the destination facility.

This can last several days (depending on the service speed), during which time you will see no new alerts.

Once it reaches the destination facility you will receive notifications of such, along with hopefully, an out-for-delivery update not long after.

What to do if Tracking Stuck?

Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility

So, with that in mind, I recommend that you wait until the shipment has been underway for 3 to 5 days before you stress about the lack of updates.

If, after this time it seems as if the package is not moving and no new updates have been triggered, it could be stuck inside the origin facility.

If this is the case you will need to contact Canada Post, (or contact the sender to do so on your behalf).

They will need to look into the delay and the reason why the shipment isn’t moving.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Shipment Received at Originating Postal Facility” update is simply telling you that the shipment process has begun.

The package has arrived at a sorting facility close to the sender’s location and will now be processed for dispatch to the destination region.

As the shipment is at the beginning of its journey, there are a number of days left before delivery takes place.

A missed scan will make it seem as if the package is stuck, however, if several days pass with no new updates, inquiries should be made.

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