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FedEx “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” – Complete Guide

You’re expecting a delivery from FedEx and you have received a “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” tracking update.

What does this mean? How long will your package be delayed and what happens if your package becomes stuck on this update?

Let’s take a look…

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FedEx “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” – Meaning

The FedEx “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” tracking update means a problem has occurred with the shipment that falls outside of FedEx’s control and delivery may be delayed.

Causes for the FedEx “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” Update

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How long have you got? The list of delivery exceptions (and delays) that FedEx likes to state as “beyond our control” is extensive.

It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see where the carrier will attempt to pass on responsibility for a delayed shipment.

Bad weather, transport breakdown, airport closures, labor disruptions, war, pestilence, or alien invasion.

If the delay cannot be directly associated with FedEx’s technical and logistical infrastructure, it has every chance of being cited as a “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control”.

What to do When You Receive a “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” update?

Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control

Due to the situation being beyond FedEx’s control, there is little you can do when you receive this update.

Of course, you can contact FedEx customer services, however, you will likely receive a generic response that will shed little light.

For example, FedEx customer services will often be located miles away from where you live.

Yet the response you commonly hear alongside this update is “bad weather” prevented delivery.

This umbrella catch-all is simple enough for the representative to use in place of really knowing what has happened.

Apologies for my cynicism as I write this, but any look at a forum regarding the FedEx “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” update will tell you the same thing. Customer services are less than helpful.

Note: If you are expecting a package from overseas and receive this update, you should call the FedEx International Customer Service department at 1.800.GoFedEx.

How Long Will my Package be Delayed After This Update?

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This can vary widely. Sometimes FedEx will be able to mitigate the delay and your package will arrive the same day it was scheduled.

If a major force majeure incident has occurred, (tornado, plane crash) it could be a very uncertain length of time before your item is delivered.

In extreme circumstances, it may never turn up at all.

However, that is rare. More often than not the “Shipment Exception” is a minor incident that just means your package will be on the next truck or plane etc.

The important step to take here is to keep an eye on your FedEx tracking updates for further information.

What to do if Your Package is Stuck on the “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” Update?

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If your package tracking remains stuck on this update you will have no choice but to contact either the shipper, (explaining that your item has not arrived) or FedEx direct.

Carriers normally like to deal with the party that created the original shipment so it is helpful to get the shipper onboard for any dispute.

Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control

In the first instance, you will normally be told to wait longer, however, if enough time has passed you should be able to get FedEx to look into the situation with at least a little urgency.

Yours or the shipper’s next step if the package is missing is to file a FedEx Claim. This is a worst-case scenario, however.

Final Words

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The FedEx “Shipment Exception Delay Beyond our Control” update is just another tracking alert used to notify customers of a potential delay to the shipment.

In this case, FedEx is metaphorically putting its hands up and saying “there’s nothing we could do about it, sorry”.

Hopefully, the situation will be resolved quickly and your package will continue on its way to you.

If not, you will have the annoying experience of chasing FedEx and/or the shipper to see what has happened.

Good luck, that’s all I can say…

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