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Aramex: “Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination”

You’re expecting a delivery via Aramex and have received a “Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination” status update.

What does this mean exactly? How long will your package be in the air and what should you do if the tracking is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination

This tracking update from Aramex means that the package has departed via aircraft from the country of origin, (i.e the country of the sender), and is on its way to the destination country, (the country of the recipient).

Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination – Aramex

Shipment Departed from Airport of Origin Country

Essentially, this self-explanatory status alert means that the shipment has left the country of the sender and is now inside aircraft flying toward the destination country of the recipient.

It is a positive update to receive in that you know all customs procedures inside the origin country have been cleared and that the package is now in transit toward the destination. 

In other words, the shipment is progressing as it should through the Aramex delivery network.

The next step will be arriving in the destination country, and customs clearance before Aramex takes control of the item once more to provide final delivery, (or transit to a facility for customer pick-up).

Aramex Tracking Stuck on this Update

Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination

Okay, there is a good chance you have reached this page because your tracking is stuck on “Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination”.

It’s been several days with no new update and you are wondering why the shipment has been stuck in the air for so long.

What exactly is going on with the package? 

The most common reason you are seeing this alert for a prolonged length of time with no signs of progress is customs.

Essentially, when the plane lands Aramex will not be able to scan the package again, (and create a new update) until the shipment has passed through customs clearance.

There are all sorts of reasons why this can take some time and cause a delay.

Firstly, if there is a backlog in customs it could be multiple days before the package is cleared. 


If there are any issues with clearance, this also will take up time before you hear anything.

In fact, you could see your tracking stuck on “Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination” for 3 to 5 days without seeing a new update.

During that time, the package is just delayed at customs.

The important issue to remember is that delivery could still take place on time.

Once the package is back with Aramex, it will be sorted and in transit to the Aramex destination facility. From there, pick up or delivery can take place very soon after.

All of this would still fall within the estimated delivery time.

What to do if Tracking Really is Stuck

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If your tracking does not update for more than 7 business days, or the estimated delivery window reaches its end, you will need to contact Aramex.

It is likely that an issue has occurred at the import location, (due to the fact the “Shipment Departed Origin Country in Flight to Destination” is the last alert you have received).

Aramex will have to work with customs to see what the problem is, (i.e whether it is a customs delay or there is a complication with the shipment), and then advise you accordingly.

It could be that taxes and tariffs need to be paid, or more information on the contents of the shipment is required.

Generally, the issues are not insurmountable and as long as you take care of them in a timely manner, your package will be released and back with Aramex for delivery in a very short time.

As said earlier, once this happens, delivery or potential pickup will be just two or 3 days away.

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