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International Tracking: Processing Completed at Origin

You’re expecting an international package delivery and have received a “Processing Completed at Origin” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your parcel when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Processing Completed at Origin

The “Processing Completed at Origin” status alert means that the package has left the country of the sender (origin). Customs processing and export procedures have been successfully completed and the mail item is now in transit toward the destination country, (or intermediate transit country, depending on the delivery route used). 

Processing Completed at Origin – Guide

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This update is sent by carriers such as DHL, USPS, and FedEx when another carrier is responsible for the export of an item out of the origin country.

Essentially, it is a catch-all alert that signifies processing in the country of origin has taken place.

Because the package has yet to enter the delivery infrastructure of the carrier within the destination country, more detailed tracking information is unavailable.

By contrast, where the carrier exporting the item is sending comprehensive tracking updates, you can be alerted once customs is complete, once the item has been handed over to line-haul, and once the item has actually physically departed the origin airport.

The lack of detail means that you may not receive another update until the package has landed in the destination country, (assuming it is traveling by air cargo) and has been handed over to the inbound customs or even the carrier responsible for delivery, (i.e FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc).

Processing Completed at Origin

How Long Before I See a New Update?

You may have reached this article because your tracking is stuck on the “Processing Completed at Origin” update and you are wondering when the package will actually arrive.

There are many variables at play here, that will determine how long you have to wait.

Best Case Scenario

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The best-case scenario is that the package was sent using a premium service speed. It is sent via air cargo and the route is direct, rather than passing through a transit country, (where it will need to be unloaded from one plane and onto another).

Assuming there are no complications at customs within the destination country, (correct paperwork, taxes, and duties either paid or not applicable), the carrier responsible for the next stage of delivery might scan your item and send a new update within 2 or 3 days of the package leaving the origin country.

Common Scenario

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If a medium-tier service speed is used and/or the item has to pass through a transit country you will have to wait longer for a new update.

Remember, although your parcel is moving towards the destination country it is unlikely that you will receive updates on progress while it is in International transit.

As mentioned, you may not even receive an update from the carrier responsible for delivery until it has the item in its delivery infrastructure and can physically scan the package.

This means that transit, customs, potential delays in the inbound warehouse, and finally the item being handed to the destination carrier, all have to take place before you receive another update.

In short, for non-expedited deliveries, this process can take up to 7 business days or more.

The “Don’t Hold Your Breath” Scenario

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Finally, there are slow packages coming out of China via AliExpress or Shein, etc. Here the related eCommerce websites will state that delivery can take several weeks.

With the “Processing Completed at Origin” being the last tracking update you receive as the parcel leaves the origin country, you can expect 2 to 3 weeks (in the case of AliExpress standard shipments even longer) to pass before you see another update.

In other words, take confidence in the fact the item has seemingly left the origin country, and then stop looking at your tracking.

Come back to it several weeks down the line, and be aware of any buyer guarantee periods so that you can make a claim within that time if the package never arrives.

Tracking Your Package in the Origin Country

Universal Parcel Tracking Global Package Tracking

It is worth knowing that it is possible to track your item while it is still in the origin country, even if you do not know the name of the carrier responsible for the early part of the delivery process.

Entering the shipping details that you do have into a universal tracking app such as 17Track or ParcelsApp will often provide you with more information on the location and progress of your parcel.

These apps work by searching hundreds of carrier tracking databases for details of a shipment. If a carrier in the origin country has scanned your package, in most cases, these apps will find that data.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Processing Completed at Origin” tracking update means that the package has left the origin country. 

Depending on the shipping service used and the shipment route you can easily wait a week or two before you receive another update.

This will normally be from the carrier in the destination country, responsible for final delivery.

At this point, you will know that your item is just days away.

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