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What Does “Processed Through Regional Facility” Mean? (USPS Tracking Guide)

You’re waiting on a delivery from USPS and you have received a “Processed Through Regional Facility” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Is your mail item on its way to your door? And what should you do if it gets stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Processed Through Regional Facility

The “Processed Through Regional Facility” tracking update from USPS simply means that the mail item has entered a regional USPS facility and has been scanned. The update is normally followed by the name of the facility allowing one to determine the location of the shipment.

Processed Through Regional Facility – Guide

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The “Processed Through Regional Facility” status alert can cause confusion in a number of ways.

The first is when a package seemingly enters a facility, is processed inside the facility (i.e scanned), and then ends up in a tracking loop where the “Processed Through Regional Facility” alert is sent more than once.

Furthermore, the “Processed Through Regional Facility” can occur in multiple facilities along the shipment journey.

Finally, the alert can be triggered even when the shipment is inside what is actually a USPS international facility (rather than a regional one).

Today, we shall look at all of those examples and more to explain what is going on when you receive the “Processed Through Regional Facility” tracking update.

“Processed Through Regional Facility” Tracking Alert Loop

Processed Through Regional Facility

If you receive the “Processed Through Regional Facility” multiple times and the name of the facility remains the same throughout, it means that your package is “doing a dance” within the warehouse facility and is failing to be properly sorted for onward dispatch.

This multiple scans scenario is more likely when the item is inside a USPS International Service Center (ISC) or Distribution Center, as delays are common and your package can end up getting held up while it awaits customs clearance.

I would actually recommend that you give the shipment some time to work its way out of the facility and onto the next part of its journey.

Especially, if you are dealing with an economy eCommerce package from overseas.

However, if you have chosen an expedited USPS delivery and your item is clearly stalled because of the “Processed Through Regional Facility” tracking loop, you should contact USPS for more information.

Locating Your Package After a “Processed Through Regional Facility” Alert

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As mentioned, a domestic shipment within the USA could be near the beginning or towards the end of its journey when you receive the “Processed Through Regional Facility” alert.

This is because regional facilities exist both close to the origin of the package (i.e the location of the sender) as well as the destination (the location of the recipient).

These facilities act as hubs with the shipments flowing through them for sortation and onward dispatch.

At the origin, the package is sorted so that it can be transferred to a facility closer to the destination.

Once it reaches that facility, it is then sorted for dispatch to a local post office before delivery.

To ascertain where your item is, you simply need to look at the details of which facility it is at when the “Processed Through Regional Facility” alert is sent.

Essentially, this information forms part of the same update.

Regional Also Means International – Duh!

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This is where USPS tracking can be extra confusing.

As we covered above, with the tracking loop scenario, although the tracking states “Processed Through Regional Facility” if your package is being sent or arriving from overseas, it could easily be inside a USPS International facility.

Again, the facility location provided alongside the alert will give you this information. Just look out for words such as “International” or “ISC”.

What to do if Your Tracking is Stuck on “Processed Through Regional Facility”?

Processed Through Regional Facility

Whether your package is looping through the facility and being rescanned, or simply stuck on this update, the outcome is essentially the same.

For expedited deliveries, you have every right to contact USPS within 48hrs of the tracking being stuck.

For any other type of shipment that has a much longer delivery window, you should halt inquiries to begin with.

Delays at regional facilities are common and economy shipments will not be treated with any kind of priority.

I would advise waiting at least 5 working days before you go through the process of contacting USPS customer services. In that time, the item will hopefully start moving again.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Processed Through Regional Facility” is used throughout a USPS shipment. It means that a mail item has been scanned inside a facility.

Delays are common, and you will have to exercise patience on some types of delivery.

That being said, if a fast delivery service has been purchased, you should make contact with USPS if the shipment is clearly stalled.

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  1. Why aren’t the names, places, and addresses consistent below?
    The 9:26 am timestamp, is shown twice.
    Currently a 2-3 day delay with no further update on the tracking data.

    Processed Through USPS Regional Facility
    July 23, 2023, 6:28 pm

    Departed USPS Facility
    CARSON, CA 90747
    July 23, 2023, 9:26 am

    Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
    July 23, 2023, 9:26 am

    Arrived at USPS Facility
    CARSON, CA 90747
    July 23, 2023, 1:22 am


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