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Processed Through ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) – COMPLETE GUIDE

Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA” (USPS) is a status alert you may have come across when sending or receiving an international package using USPS.

So, what does this mean? What is the ISC Los Angeles CA and how long will your package be stuck there?

Let’s take a look…

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“Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)” – Meaning

“Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)” means the consignment has arrived at the Los Angeles International Service Center and the mail item has been scanned. Before being dispatched from the ISC it will undergo customs clearance checks.

What is ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)?

The International Service Center in Los Angeles is a USPS sorting facility based out of LAX airport. Inbound and outbound international mail items are processed within the service center, with customs clearance checks also taking place.

ISC Los Angeles CA is the main USPS processing center of its kind on the West coast.

(NOTE: USPS also has ISCs in Miami, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.)

What Happens Inside ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)?

Los Angeles

The “Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)” update is actually quite misleading in that the alert is triggered when a mail item arrives at the center, (not after it has been processed through).

This could be outgoing mail traveling overseas, or international mail entering the USA.

Either way, the alert signifies that the consignment has entered the ISC and has been sorted for its onward journey.

However, before being released it will be subjected to the customs clearance process.

In other words, customs staff work alongside USPS with the ISC and will check incoming and outgoing shipments.

Once the shipment has been cleared it will be passed on to USPS or the linehaul carrier responsible for the international transit.

Is ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) a Customs Facility?


The ISC Los Angeles CA is primarily a sorting center as far as the role of USPS.

However, as already mentioned, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does work within the same building.

Clearly, the two organizations have very distinct roles in the processing of incoming and outgoing shipments.

The CBP’s sole responsibility is to inspect all international packages entering or exiting the USA.

Customs staff will check the contents of shipments to ensure no prohibited items, (foods, animals, drugs, and counterfeit goods for example) are contained within.

USPS on the other hand is responsible for the sorting and delivery of items entering the USA.

So yes, a shipment will go through the customs process at ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS), however, the item is under the jurisdiction of the CBP as this happens.

How Does the CBP Check Mail within the ISC Los Angeles CA?


Here’s a summary of what happens when the CBP checks a package within the ISC Los Angeles CA facility:

  • Non-intrusive inspection techniques, i.e checks without opening the package are the first step. This will also involve relevant documentation checks.
  • Any suspicious mail items will be taken to an inspection area, for further examination by sniffer dogs and/or subjected to x-rays
  • Finally, a package will be opened for a physical inspection if required.

The U.S. Postal Service processed over 729 million pieces of international mail and parcels in fiscal year (FY) 2020, with the vast majority of shipments clearing customs with little issue.

After clearance, consignments are once again in the control of USPS who will deliver the package or hand it across to linehaul.

How Long Will my Package be at the ISC Los Angeles CA?

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Although the customs clearance process is standard procedure, the length of time you can expect to wait until your package leaves the ISC processing facility in Los Angeles City varies widely.

Furthermore, the ISC Los Angeles CA has garnered quite a reputation for being a black hole for international USPS shipments, (see the section below).

Taking the various online complaints aside, under normal circumstances a small package (that is part of a single consignment), should take between 1 and 3 days to be processed through the ISC.

Bulk imports/exports can take longer due to the nature of the clearance inspection.

Also, unloading, sorting, and dispatch times should be attached to these estimates and can see even a simple mail item be held up for a week or more.

Issues that impact processing times at the ISC Los Angeles: 

  • Declaration of the package contents
  • Correct and fully filled in documentation
  • Where the package has come from (i.e which country)
  • The size and weight of the package
  • Whether tax or duties are owed
  • Staffing levels (Covid staff reductions had massive impacts)
  • The volume of packages arriving (seasonal variations)

My Package is Stuck at ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)

road block

If your package tracking status remains stuck within the ISC Los Angeles CA facility for more than 7 days you will have grounds to contact USPS to see what the delay is.

Also, it will probably come as little consolation but you are not alone. Below are a few quotes from online forums on this subject.

Customer Comments regarding wait times at ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)

“I’m four days away from a month for a package sitting at ISC NY. Already requested an investigation and their response was basically “We see it arrived at ISC…we’ll deliver if it ever shows up at our office.”

“It’s been over 3 months since my package arrived at ISC LA. The sender filed a missing package claim from their end.”

“The package that I am waiting for has been at the L.A. Service Center for 13 days with no movement…”

“Has your package arrived? Mine has been at ISC since 12/24/2021, today is 4/7/22. Wonder why and how they store all those packages?”

What To Do if Your Package is Stuck at ISC Los Angeles?

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If you do not receive any updates after the “processed through…” alert, it can be difficult to determine whether the hold-up is due to general delays in the ISC processing or if a problem has occurred during customs clearance.

The latter will generally trigger an alert advising the shipper or recipient on what issues have taken place with the CBP.

However, as the many online comments suggest, sometimes all you will receive is silence from USPS with little information on the whereabouts of the mail item.

Essentially, if the tracking status does not update after 7 days you should contact USPS Customer Service to find out more.

How to Contact ISC Los Angeles CA

With the new process, customers now simply call the International Inquiry Center at 800-222-1811 to initiate an inquiry regarding international registered, recorded delivery, insured, and ordinary parcels.

Tracking Updates Related to “ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)”

ISC Los Angeles CA USPS

There are a number of USPS tracking updates you can expect to see after your package has arrived at the ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) facility.

This includes confirming that the customs clearance process is underway (Inbound into Customs) or complete, as well as indicators that the package has been returned to USPS and has been dispatched to another facility.

For example, the “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility”, means your package has left the ISC and arrived at a Los Angeles regional sorting facility and has been scanned.

You may also receive an “In Transit to next USPS Facility” tracking alert. This means exactly what it describes. The package is on its way to the next facility (or post office) closer to the destination address.

Final Words

Essentially, the ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) is a major facility responsible for mail and packages coming in and out of the USA.

In other words, if you are on the west coast of the United States and are sending or receiving mail to or from overseas, your item will pass through this facility.

The United States Customs and Border Protection works inside the facility to inspect shipments to ensure the safety of U.S citizens and that laws are abided by.

29 thoughts on “Processed Through ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) – COMPLETE GUIDE”

  1. Hello, I have sent a parcel to Modesto CA that has been stuck since 11.11 2022 Processed Through Facility ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS). The recipient is not given any information and is told that only the sender gets the information. Who can I contact to get the information? Thank you for your help. Greetings Arnold

    • Hi there, to be honest, if the recipient has a tracking number they can certainly call USPS to find out more. However, as the sender you obviously have the option too. You should contact the USPS International Inquiry Center at 800-222-1811. Good luck, hold times are long, especially this time of year.

  2. I don’t know what is taking so long for my package to be processed all it is is close some boots and three free gifts that are kind of sexual if you get what I mean like toys lol most of those are a birthday gift that I need here by Thursday so that’s in two days or technically now one day please hurry up and release my package

  3. Hi,
    My parcel EE202205838BN shipped out on march 08,2023
    Transit Singapore ( FLIGHT ID :SQ0038) To LAX : March 10,2023.
    Origin : Brunei
    Destination : USA
    Till to date April 14,2023 : preshipment status.
    Please update.

    • Hi there, I have checked your tracking details with Parcelsapp and it states the following:

      Missing Mail Search Request Initiated, Missing Mail Search Request ID MRC 23 1610 4038. A search has been initiated on your item as of 3:27 am on April 7, 2023. The Missing Mail Search Request ID for your item is MRC 23 1610 4038.

      However, I would assume that it is you that initiated the search request, so you will know these details.

  4. My package has been stuck since 5/17/23 on Processed Through Facility ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS). On the same day, I also received USPS LA238505905CA, Expected Delivery by Saturday, May 20, 2023. The day after it just changed to “Delivery Date Unknown”, still with no update in status. Should I even wait the full 7 days and who should I contact?

    They are 2% nicotine pod cartridges which I’m still unclear on the updated Customs regulation on the PACT act… These don’t necessarily fit the definition ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system) because they themselves do not vaporize per se. The updated regulation in October 2022 is the only cause i can think of for customs delay. But I’ve also been ordering without issue for 2 years, last time in February 2023.

    Anyway, it’s been stuck for 5 days, longer than it has ever been, and the only time I recall seeing the update “delivery date unknown”. I wish there was a way to track the package while it’s in customs

  5. My package containing family picts have been at the International Service Center USPS Los Angeles for over 10 days. Their customer service 1-800-275-8777 and 800-222-1811 numbers are the same and worthless. It’s impossible to talk to a person.

  6. I though that there was nothing worst of Italian Posts, but i was wrong.
    Today 06/30/23 still no news about the package. CBP says it has no record of the package being detained or seized and USPS says that CBP has the package. They pass the ball each other to avoid responsibilities.
    Really crap service for a First world Country.

  7. I’ve been waiting for my package since 6/12/23, today is 7/8/23. It’s just a small packet with a dress and a top, no contraband in it. I’ve been passed around to different people, given different numbers. I had a similar situation happen last year in customs Chicago and I never received my clothes. This is starting to get very suspicious. I’m starting to think that they have people stealing certain packages. I had a pair of Gucci shoes arrive at my local post office over a year ago and never made it to me. I buy and sell shoes and clothes, and those shoes were very expensive

  8. I have a package from China Post – AG847778510CN – labeled, “Customs clearance completed in Los Angeles USA” on 25 Jun 2023 and last labeled, “In sorting center, USPS Awaiting item,” on 30 June 2023. Today’s date 25 Aug 2023. Appreciate any assistance, insight you might be able to offer.

    • Have you contacted USPS? On 04 Jul 2023 the item is showing as “In Sorting Center”. It looks as if although the item has cleared customs, USPS has not recognized that the item is now in its possesion. Contact USPS to chase them on this.

      • Hello, I am in a similar situation. My package sent by China Post has been labeled as “Customs clearance completed in Los Angeles USA” followed by just “In sorting center” twice for about 2 weeks. It does not specify what center but is my package in ISC. I believe USPS will be the final carrier since “Label Created, not yet in system” appears when I use my tracking number on their website. How and who do I contact, when I attempt to contact USPS online a tracking number is required but since mine is “not in the system” it won’t allow me to continue. Thank you.

  9. My package from passed through customs and then the tracking says:

    Tracking Not Displayed
    Tracking information will not be displayed because this package was shipped with counterfeit postage. Please contact the merchant or seller with any questions.

    I was told that when that status is put on a package, no one at USPS is allowed to provide any information about the package.

    Both the sender and Australia Post confirm the package was properly paid for and posted.

  10. My friend in Adelaide, South Australia, sent me a book in an AUST POST bag. It arrived at my local PO in Topsfield MA but when the postal staff-person scanned it into the system, a message said it was flagged by Customs and had to be returned.
    My book is now en route to Australia!
    What reason could there possibly be for Customs to retrieve my parcel from my local PO? None has been given.

  11. This is my first time having something come from China.Im confused by the last update that says held by import customs Los Angeles California on 10-10-23 but then under where it says pacakage collected it says pacakage collected and is in transit. Is it still held at customs or is it in transit to me?

    Package collected

    Your package has been collected and is in transit. Please wait patiently.
    – China
    – Call:+852 46347103

    ChatGPT About Tusou
    – Sync Time: 2023-10-13 13:36:30 (GMT-05:00)
    2023-10-10 15:08
    US, CA Los Angeles INT,90045,Held by import Customs

    2023-10-06 11:47
    US, Arrive at Los Angeles international airport,CA 90045

    2023-10-02 15:29
    Guangzhou, Departed from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,CN 510890

    2023-09-29 14:52
    Guangzhou, Customs clearance completed

    2023-09-25 09:17
    Guangzhou, Customs clearance in progress

    2023-09-22 15:21
    Guangzhou, CHINA,GUANGZHOU TSC,Dispatch from outward office of exchange

    2023-09-19 09:41
    Guangzhou, CHINA,GUANGZHOU,Arrival at outward office of exchange

    2023-09-16 16:56
    Guangzhou, CHINA, TSC Posting/Collection

  12. Hello,
    My parcel (EE205121173BN) was posted on October 3rd 2023 from Brunei to North Carolina. The parcel was processed through USPS Facility in ISC Los Angeles on October 7th 2023. There has been no update ever since. Is the parcel still stuck in transit?

    • Hi there, I have just checked your package in Parcelsapp and it states that it successfuly cleared customs in LA on the 19th October. It should be making its way to North Carolina very soon.

  13. Hi my parcel EH034166548US (priority express) has been in transit 75 days from USA to Australia, updated today as being in USPS regional facility after 2 months in ISC LA. Can you tell me any more info on it please?

    • Yes, it seems that your item is still stuck in the USA. You should definitely contact USPS about this as it has been been unusually long since your package was shipped, for it to only have got this far.

  14. Thanks for your reply my friend who shipped it has put in a claim as it was insured and suddenly after 2 months it updates Customs Clearance and now stuck back at USPS. Do you think USPS doesn’t want to pay out?

    • I would say that raising the claim has meant USPS have looked into the package location and it may be on the move again. For now you should wait for the results of the claims process as this will tell you if the package has been found, or declared as lost/damaged and compensation will be paid.

      • My friends claim was turned down from no POV, she can appeal the claim but has to do so within a month and she only has a week or so left to do so. Should she appeal now or wait to see if it moves again? The parcel has not moved in a week from the latest update. It has been 80 days since it was posted and has only moved from SF to LA.

          • Thanks I will let her know, it moved again after a week to International Transit
            Arrived at USPS Regional Facility

            84 days for an international priority express still hasn’t left US or been scanned into the Australia Post system. What is going on at USPS?

  15. HI again, my friend tried to get a refund at the Post Office she but has lost original receipt, do you think if she has the bank debit details she may get the postage back? Meanwhile the parcel is still stuck in USA 93 days to get from SF to LA.

    • Yes, it is worth trying. She should go back to the post office where she mailed the item, with her bank statement details of the order. Whether USPS will help or not really does depend on the mood of the staff member. Your friend should try a time when they are not busy.

  16. Hi again thanks she is going to try at a less busy time. It cost almost $400 to post.
    By the way today there is an update
    Your item arrived at our USPS facility in ZIP Code 90205 on November 10, 2023 at 9:19 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
    Any idea what this one might mean please? Meanwhile 96 days for Priority International Express and still waiting for it to leave USA.


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