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Can I Pickup a Package from FedEx Before Delivery?

Can I pickup a package from FedEx before delivery? The answer is yes. FedEx provides a feature called “Hold at Location”. This allows customers to prearrange pickup at a specific FedEx location.

Today we will look at which FedEx services are eligible for Hold at Location, how to use it, and other important questions.

Let’s take a look…

The FedEx Hold at Location Service

Hold at location

If you decide you would like to pick up your package personally before delivery is attempted FedEx “Hold at Location” is completely free to use.

To do so you will need to contact FedEx directly and arrange to place a hold on the package so that you can pick it up. You can also signup for “Hold at Location” on the FedEx Website.

One important caveat to mention is that in order to use the service, your package cannot be out for delivery.

In other words, if your package has been loaded onto the vehicle that will make the final delivery to your address, you will have missed your opportunity to place it on hold.

The best way to check this is to take a look at your tracking updates. If the item is currently designated as being inside a FedEx facility, you are good to go.

Pick up a package from FedEx before delivery – Using the Website

Hold at location FedEx using the website 1

To place a hold on your package you will need to visit the FedEx “Hold at Location” webpage. If you haven’t already got a free user account with FedEx you will be prompted to create one.

Note: Customers signed up to FedEx Delivery Manager can also access “Hold at Location” via that.

Once you are logged in, you can input the tracking information of your package and begin managing the hold.

The section you need to head to for this is “customize delivery”.

There will be a few choices under this menu option. Some will cost you extra (such as “Deliver to Another Address”), as already mentioned “Hold at Location” is completely free.

Click the menu option and this will reveal a list of FedEx locations that you will be able to have your package held at so you can pick it up before delivery.

The options are generally FedEx facilities along the transit route from the shipper to your address. You may also be provided with retail centers and FedEx partners (such as Walgreens). 

The earlier on your package journey you decide to place a hold, the more options you will have.

Once you have selected a location, press to confirm and your package will be held there upon arrival ready for you to pick up.

Note: If the “Hold at Location” option is greyed out in the menu it means that the package is already out for delivery to your address. There are no longer any more locations available for you to pick it up from.

Eligible Services

Can I Pickup a Package from FedEx Before Delivery

It is worth mentioning here that although you can log in to your FedEx account and attempt to place a “Hold at Location” request on all services, it can sometimes be difficult on the express ones such as FedEx Priority Overnight, and Second Day Delivery.

This is due to the rapid nature of these services. Designed to ship a package to its destination as fast as possible, items flow through far fewer facilities on the way to the recipient.

In other words, you have less opportunity to place a “Hold at Location” request. Your package will be out for delivery to your address before you are able to initiate one.

The best way to find out is to simply log in to FedEx, and see if the “Hold at Location” option is greyed out. If it isn’t, there will be a location available for you to place the hold at.

Pick up a package from FedEx before delivery – What do I need?

When you head to the location to pick up your package you only need to provide a valid ID that matches the name on the package.

However, FedEx will generally not allow anyone else to pick up the item, even if they are carrying your I.D with them. (Some outlets operations will let it pass, however.)

Can I PickUp a Package From FedEx Before Delivery on a Sunday?

While FedEx OnSite businesses are open on Sunday (between 9 AM and 5 PM), FedEx stores and FedEx distribution centers do not open their doors to the public on Sunday.

To confirm that the location you want to pick your package up before delivery is open on a Sunday, you should phone ahead or check online for business hours.

Can I PickUp a Package From FedEx Before Delivery on a Saturday?

Yes, you should have no issues picking up a package from FedEx before delivery on a Saturday.

This is because all facilities and stores that are applicable for “Hold at Location” are open for public-facing operations on a Saturday.

How Long Will FedEx Hold a Package for Me?

FedEx does expect customers to pick up their packages before delivery after placing a hold in a timely manner.

They do not want packages clogging up the warehouse. You should be good for at least 2 to 3 days. Leave it any more than that and you will likely be sent a reminder regarding pick up.

What Happens if I Don’t Pick it Up?

Although there is no strict FedEx policy on this, customers that haven’t managed to pick up their package within a week have stated that FedEx goes ahead with the delivery as first ordered by the shipper.

In other words, if you do not pick up your package from the hold location after 7 days, FedEx will likely initiate delivery to your address.

Reasons to use FedEx “Hold at Location”

Can I Pickup a Package from FedEx Before Delivery

The main reason to use “Hold at Location” is that you want to pick up a package from FedEx before delivery. This service allows you to do just that, with ease and at no extra cost.

However, there are some major benefits beyond that.

Avoid scheduling problems

Let’s say you’ve got an expensive laptop on its way to you via FedEx. You know you have a busy week ahead and you will not be home.

Rather than have FedEx attempt delivery to an empty house you can simply request that it be held at a convenient location and pick it up yourself before delivery.

It is an efficient way of ensuring that you get your hands on the package without having to reschedule with FedEx due to a failed delivery.

Avoid Delivery Problems

Another reason to pickup a package from FedEx before delivery using “Hold at Location” is to avoid known delivery problems to your address.

If FedEx has had difficulties delivering to you in the past (you live in a rural area for example, or an apartment complex that is hard to access) it can be very inconvenient to have to wait around only for the FedEx driver to sign off on a package as “delivery attempted”.

Making the effort to pick up the package before delivery avoids all of that.

Avoid Package Theft

It is a statistical fact that “Porch Piracy” is increasing year on year. In fact, a staggering 210 million packages were stolen within the USA in 2021 alone. As buying items online becomes the preferred way to shop, the opportunities for package theft are only increasing too.

If you have experienced porch piracy or feel that you may be at risk, organizing to pick up the package before delivery removes any threat.

Your package will be safe inside a secure FedEx (or partner) facility until you arrive to retrieve it. There will be no instances of your package being left unattended outside your property.

Final Words

So there you have it, it is completely possible to pick up a package from FedEx before delivery. Simply sign up for the free “hold at location” service and you can manage pickup online or over the phone. Good on you FedEx!

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