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Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll – Yodel Tracking

You’re expecting a delivery from Yodel and you have received an update that states “Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and what do you do if it ends up stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll

This update means that Yodel has the shipment information from the sender (i.e. details of the package, weight, destination, etc) and a tracking number has been assigned. However, at this stage, the physical item is still with the sender and is awaiting collection by Yodel.

Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll – Guide

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This update is Yodel’s version of the widespread “shipment information received” update that most carriers use.

Essentially, when the sender creates a shipment order with a carrier (in this case Yodel), they do so while the package is still with them.

Shipments from eCommerce outlets and online label printing all follow this tracking workflow.

So, when the shipment order is made, Yodel assigns a tracking number to the item and sends parties the “Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll” status alert.

Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll

The sender now has to prepare the item (if they haven’t done so already) and arrange with Yodel for collection.

Once the collection has taken place and Yodel has the physical item in its delivery infrastructure, it will be scanned and a new update will be sent.

It is at this point that the shipment begins making its way to the destination address.

How Long Until I Receive A New Update?


The next Yodel tracking update you receive should take place once the driver picks up the package from the sender.

This can occur within just a few hours of the “Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll” update or in some cases a day or two.

It depends on factors such as the speed at which the sender dispatches the mail item to Yodel, and/or whether it is a weekend, or if the carrier itself is experiencing delays.

Several Days Have Passed with no New Update

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Okay, if multiple days pass and you still see the “Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll” alert with no sign of progress, you will understandably be concerned.

I recommend that your first step is to contact the sender to see what the delay is.

You will want to confirm that they have actually handed over the package to Yodel.

If they have, it will mean that the first physical scan didn’t occur when the driver took hold of the item.

This means that you are waiting for the package to be scanned inside the Yodel origin sorting center and this will explain why the tracking has not been updated.

Also, if the sender has failed to hand over the item to Yodel, there is no way you will see any new updates.

The tracking will be stuck on “Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll” until Yodel has it.

In this scenario, you should communicate with the sender that the item needs to be dispatched ASAP as you are waiting on delivery.

Final Words

Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll route map

Overall, the “Parcel Data Received Awaiting Coll” is a standard update from Yodel which means the sender has created a shipment order with Yodel, and the carrier is waiting to collect it.

Once this has taken place, the physical item will be scanned into the delivery network and the shipment will begin its journey towards the destination address.

If there are delays of more than 3 days without any movement, you should contact the sender to find out why.

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