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Out for Delivery Meaning – The Ultimate Guide

What does “Out for Delivery” mean? Nearly all carriers use this shipping update. Knowing the exact meaning is important.

In this guide, we will look at all the circumstances “Out for Delivery” applies.

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SUMMARY: Out for Delivery Meaning

  • “Out for Delivery” is a status update informing customers that the carrier has shipped the package for final delivery.
  • “Out for Delivery” means that the package has left the last facility in the carrier’s logistics network and is in the truck for final delivery to the recipient’s address.
  • When you receive an “Out for Delivery” status update you should receive the package that same day.
  • “Out for Delivery” has the same meaning across all leading carriers (i.e USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL)

What Does “Out for Delivery” Mean?

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“Out for Delivery” literally means that the package you are expecting has left the last facility belonging to the delivery agent (i.e the carrier) and is on the truck that will deliver to your door.

It is a universal status used by all carriers to inform the recipient that the package is on the final part of its journey.

This final section of the logistics process is also known as “last-mile delivery.” The package has been sorted by the carrier (or relevant 3rd party) and has been loaded into the vehicle that will make the final delivery to the recipient’s address.

Does “Out For Delivery” Mean I will receive the package that same day?

Yes, in most situations the out-for-delivery alert means that you will receive the package the same day the alert was sent.

However, unforeseen complications occasionally arise. This could be due to the delivery driver being unable to finish their round, (due to bad weather, traffic, and other delays.)

Problems with the recipient’s address details or issues such as rain and the driver being unable to leave the package in a safe place may also affect delivery.

In any case, should the package not be delivered on the same day as an “Out for Delivery” notification, you should check the shipment tracking details for more information.

How Long After Out for Delivery will I Receive my Package?

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This will actually depend on the carrier and service used. All carriers have set delivery schedules and working hours throughout the week.

One service may also deliver over a longer delivery window than another.

There is also the issue of where the driver is on their round. If they are in your area, you could have a knock on your door within minutes.

If your address is last on their delivery schedule it could be several hours before your package arrives.

To find out more, you should check the working delivery hours of the carrier. This will provide you with a delivery window of when you can expect the package to arrive.

Specific Arrangements when “Out for Delivery”

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If your telephone number has been provided to the carrier, some carrier drivers will phone ahead to check that you will be in during the time they expect to be in your area.

Certain premium carrier services also allow you to specify delivery times within a window of a few hours.

These specific delivery arrangements will provide you with more accurate times on when you can expect a package after it has been designated as “Out for Delivery”.

The important issue to remember is that the item should be with you the same day the alert was sent.

“Out for Delivery” – Frequently Asked Questions

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Is “On The Way” UPS the same as “Out for Delivery”?

No, the “On the Way” status update from UPS is not the same as “Out for Delivery”. On the way means that the package is moving within the UPS network. 

As there are various steps along the package journey, the status does not necessarily mean that it is on the way to your door for final delivery.

Is “In Transit” the same as “Out for Delivery?”

No, when a carrier sends an “In Transit” alert, it means that the package is moving between facilities. It does not mean that it is on the truck for final delivery as in the case of “out for delivery”.  

What does Amazon’s “Out for Delivery” mean?

When you receive a message in your Amazon dashboard that a package is “out for delivery” it means that, “your package has left the seller/ store and is on its way to be delivered to your specified address”.

It does not mean that your package is on the truck for the final mile of delivery and will be with you that day.

If the seller has provided you with a carrier tracking number you can use this to find more information on the location of your item.

What is “Out For Delivery” in the case of USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx?

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As we have explained throughout this guide, “Out for Delivery” with all major carriers means that the package has left the last facility in the carrier’s logistics network and is in the truck for final delivery to the recipient’s address.

What to do when you receive an “Out for Delivery” status alert?

When you receive an “Out for Delivery” notification you should be prepared to receive your package that same day.

If the package is COD (Cash On Delivery), you should have the relevant funds available to make payment.

If a signature upon delivery is required, you will need to make sure someone is at the address to do so.

Why did my “Out for Delivery” package never arrive?

If your “Out for Delivery” package did not arrive on the same day as the alert was sent, a problem may have been encountered.

Driver delay, weather, long hours, or wrong address could all be a reason for the non-arrival.

You should check the tracking status for further updates and act accordingly.

Final Words

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We plan to add to this “Out for Delivery” FAQ as more questions arise. If you have any, please leave them in the comments section below and we will answer all your queries.

This goes for all “Out for Delivery” questions across all carriers.

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