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Onboard for Delivery – Australia Post Tracking

You’re expecting a delivery from Australia Post and have received an “Onboard for Delivery” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? When can you expect your mail item and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Onboard for Delivery

The “Onboard for Delivery” status alert from Australia Post means that the postal delivery person has the mail item and will be delivering it to the destination address that same business day.   

Onboard for Delivery – Guide

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This update is Australia Post’s way of saying that the package is “Out for Delivery”.

Whereas the majority of carriers use “Out for Delivery”, Australia Post uses “Onboard for Delivery”.

Essentially the postal worker has the item in their bag or van and they will be delivering it to the designated address that very same business day.

Actually, I should rephrase that as according to the Australia Post website, when the “Onboard for Delivery” update is triggered, the “driver or postie has the parcel and is planning to deliver it today”.

The word “planning” is important as in the majority of cases the parcel will be delivered.

However, it is very likely that you have reached this article because that didn’t happen and you want to know why.

Parcel not Delivered After the “Onboard for Delivery” Alert

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Before getting too disgruntled and begin assuming that Australia Post has made a mistake, consider that your package might arrive later in the day.

The domestic postal service begins at 7 am and ends around 5 pm every weekday, (it ends at 1 pm on a Saturday).

In other words, the arrival of your parcel can vary depending on the delivery person’s chosen route, workload, and other general issues such as traffic and weather.

However, up until 5 pm, there is still every chance that you will get your item that same day.

It Has Gone 5 pm and Still No Show!?

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Okay, this is where the whole “planning to deliver” comes into play.

Basically, it is very likely that the postal worker reached the end of their working day and ran out of time to reach your address.

Unless guaranteed delivery for a specific date was purchased, and that date has now passed, there is nothing you can really do to complain about this turn of events.

Australia Post will simply attempt delivery on the next working day.

You will not need to contact customer services or the post office for this to happen. 

It will be recorded in the delivery network that your package hasn’t been delivered and that it needs to be.

(If you really are annoyed, by all means, make contact in order to vent your frustration… it will not make the package arrive any sooner mind you).

Before you do any of this, however, it is worth checking your tracking to ensure that the postal worker didn’t attempt to deliver the item but then failed because of an issue.

Onboard for Delivery

Example problems include:

  • Access to the address was obstructed.
  • Address detail being incorrect (and the delivery location couldn’t be found)
  • No one at home to accept the parcel and a signature was required
  • The parcel was left with a neighbor or in a safe place on the property
  • Someone else at the address accepted the package

If any of these have occurred, your tracking page and/or a delivery notice will provide you with the relevant information.

It makes sense to check all of this before picking up the phone to swear at Australia Post for failing to deliver your parcel.

Final Words

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In most cases, after you have received the “Onboard for Delivery” update you know that your package will be arriving that day.

If this doesn’t happen and after checking your tracking there are no new updates, it is very likely that the postal worker ran out of time and the item will be delivered the following business day.

If there has been a complication of sorts, you will need to contact Australia Post to rectify the situation.

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