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Looking for the best RV mail forwarding service?

In this review, we’ll go over the details of the MyRVMail platform and explain how it compares to others on the market.


MyRVMail first launched almost 20 years ago in 2003. They are one of the only virtual mailbox and mail forwarding services available that cater specifically to the RV community. (The company even built an RV circle drive around its head office 🙂 )

With such high demand for its services, the company opened a new, advanced mail facility in 2017 so that it could continue providing, efficient mailbox services to RV users throughout the United States. This overhaul has also opened up greater capacity for business users too.

Based out of Florida, MyRVMail has proved very popular with RVers and has impressive reviews online. That being said, is this the right mail forwarding service for you? Today, we’ll explore its features and prices, customer reviews, and rate its specific services overall.

Our Approach:

For our MyRVMail review, we have focused on four main questions:

  • Is MyRVMail a good deal?
  • Who are their packages best suited for?
  • Are there better deals available?
  • Who uses MyRVMail and how did they rate their experience?

MyRVMail Summary

MyRVMail is a top-quality choice for RVers looking for a US-based address and virtual mailbox service. The fact the service is designed specifically for RVers really shows.

Features such as unlimited envelope cover scans, changing your forwarding address as often as you need, and the ability to turn your account on and off as required are clearly what RVers need. No storage fees on your mail is another large benefit you will not find with competing services.

That being said, the free mail content scans per month are low, (10 on the premium, 15 on the business). The $25 setup fee and initial postage deposit is a cost you will rarely see elsewhere too.

We would argue there is no real reason to opt for a business account unless you need a toll-free number with call forwarding services. The fact there is only a choice of one virtual address (based out of Florida) will also put off a lot of potential business users.

Back to the positives; the customer service is excellent. You can actually get someone on the phone with ease at MyRVMail. They will even review your mail over the phone.

Add this to the easy-to-use phone apps and the fact the service has had a full digital upgrade in recent years and you have a service for RVers that we are truly impressed with. Current customers feel the same way too.

MyRVMail Pros

  • Competitively priced plans with a transparent fee structure
  • Unlimited cover scans
  • Free storage on mail items
  • Change your forwarding address as often as you need
  • Easy to use phone apps
  • Turn your account on and off
  • Share your account with family members
  • Excellent customer support

MyRVMail Cons

  • Only one virtual mailing address is available
  • Free monthly content scan quota is low
  • The one-time $25 setup fee, and initial postage deposit
  • Business plan is only worth it if you need a phone number and call fowarding

MyRVMail Alternatives

A competing low-priced service is available through Traveling Mailbox. This has lots of available virtual addresses located across the U.S and is a good alternative choice for RVers.

Anytime Mailbox and US Global Mail are also recommended for small volume users looking for a bargain. The latter also provides a free check depositing service and unlimited incoming mail items. However, similar to MyRVMail, only one virtual address is available, (US Global Mail is based out of Houston).

Earth Class Mail is a better choice for business users due to its related services.








MyRVMail Ratings

Value – 4/5

MyRVMail has two plans, Premium (for individual and family use) and Business
The Premium Plan is competitively priced at just under $25 and when you consider that you get UNLIMITED envelope cover scans for that price, it really is a great offer. (Only US Global Mail comes close at this price point.)

At first glance the 10 free mail content scans (i.e, when you request to have mail opened they will scan the contents so that you can view images in your dashboard) are low. However, a redeeming factor is that there is no page limit per envelope on this.

The Business Plan is also good value when compared to the competition. Especially when you consider it offers a toll-free local phone number and call forwarding as part of the plan. (iPostal1 also offers this, however, it is an extra $39.99 on top of the selected plan!)

That being said, most businesses would feel restricted by the free 15-envelope content scans per month and would certainly go over the quota. For business users, there are better services available with a lot higher quotas.

Also, the $25 setup fee is an extra fee that many competing services do not charge in 2023.

Customer Service – 4.5/5

MyRVMail has fantastic customer support attuned completely to the needs of RVers
MyRVMail customer support really excels in that this is a smaller, independent business when compared to competing services. Not only that, the services have been designed for RVers right from the start. The company knows its customers very well, and the support available is fast and responsive.

You can even review your mail over the phone with a live person. As far as we know, no other mail fowarding service in America offers this as a standard feature.

Okay, they lack options such as online chat, however, a phone call and email will get you a response from a knowledgeable rep straight away. It is the kind of company where you will get on first-name terms with staff members helping you. Very impressive.

Ease of Use – 4/5

MyRVMail has a dedicated phone app that is clear, simple, and easy to use
We really liked the MyRVMail phone app (we have been using the iPhone app). It is clear, well designed, and has an interface that a child could pick up and use.

Your envelope scans are visible from the home screen once you log in, and you can easily select actions (open and scan, forward, shred, etc) from within the app.

The web app is good too, but we would argue that there is very little reason to use it. Everything you need is there within the palm of your hand via the phone app. Another big thumbs up for MyRVMail.

Included Features – 4.5/5

MyRVMail includes all the features you need across the two price plans
MyRVMail does provide a lot of good features. The ability to change your forwarding address as often as you need is one huge benefit to RVers that you won’t find elsewhere.

Furthermore, the no fees for incoming packages and no storage fees is another great feature that is very important for RVers. You can also forward your mail on a custom schedule that suits you, and turn your account on and off as needed.

Check depositing is available at $4.95 a check. This is the going rate with most providers, (US Global Mail offers this for free, however). You can also share your service with all family members using the same address.

The aforementioned phone number and call forwarding on the business plan is a notable feature. However, beyond that, the business plan doesn’t differ greatly from the personal plan.

MyRVMail: Price Plans

MyRVMail has a simple and transparent pricing structure that we appreciate. Competing service providers that offer multiple addresses and price plans can be confusing, (looking at you Anytime Mailbox 🙂 )

Premium Plan – $24.90p/mo

The MyRVMail Premium Plan is the option that most RVers will want to go for. This is affordable, offers great features specifically designed for RVers, and can be used for individual or family use. Highlights of the package include:

  • Share your mailbox with the whole family
  • Unlimited envelope cover scans
  • Free physical storage
  • Turn your account off and on as needed
  • 10 envelope content scans (no page limits)
  • $4.95 Check Deposit
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Who should purchase the MyRVMail Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan is designed specifically for Rvers and their families. The monthly content scan quota is low, but the many features designed for RVers more than make up for it.

Business Plan: $39.95 p/mo

The MyRVMail Business Plan is very similar to the premium plan. The main difference beyond the price is an extra 5 free mail content scans per month (it offers 15 scans), and free check deposits. There is also the toll-free local number and call forwarding services. These include:

  • Personal Toll-free/Local Phone and/or Fax number
  • Call Forwarding
  • Send and Receive Faxes
  • Customizable voicemail greeting with text or custom audio

None of the above bullet points are available on the Premium Plan.

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Who should purchase the MyRVMail Business Plan?

The Business Plan is designed for RVers that require a toll-free phone number and call forwarding services. This is the only reason to opt for the business plan over the premium plan.

Additional Services and Charges

As with all mail forwarding services MyRVMail charges extra for certain features and services. Below is a list of the main fees you need to consider when either signing up for the service and/or using it.

Overweight fee (for packages over 10 lbs)$10.00 per 10 lbs
Parcel Consolidation Fee$5.00 (Multiple pkgs/boxes consolidated into one)
Open/Inspect Single Package (International)$25.00 fee
Repack Package Contents$12.50 Domestic, $25.00 International
Scanning – Normal (receive a scan of letter contents before end of business day)$2.50 per letter
Scanning – Urgent (receive a scan of letter contents within 30 minutes)$4.50 per letter
Inbound and Outbound Faxes (Business only)$0.10/page
Local number inbound calls (Business only)$0.015/minute
Toll-free number inbound calls (Business only)$0.033/minute
Outbound calls (Business only)$0.02/minute
Outbound calls to Alaska (Business only)$0.12/minute

MyRVMail Customers

MyRVMail is used by RVers and their families that

  • Want a competitivly priced service with a transparent fee structure
  • Are looking for features designed specifically for RVers
  • Want high quality customer service that is easy to get hold of
  • Do not expect high monthly mail quotas (in the amount they will need to open)
  • May want to use additional features such as a toll-free phone and fax number

Here are some reviews from across the web about MyRVMail:

“We have been using for a couple of years now . No complaints. Exceptional service! They go out of their way to accommodate us.”

“I have been a MyRV mail customer for the last 12 years. I have watched them grow and expand several times. They have given me excellent service for all these years. Everyone had been so polite, knowledgeable and friendly..”

“We’ve been using the service since we went RV full time, almost 17 months ago. Where ever we’ve gone our mail has gotten to us timely and intact! Love the service.”

They scan everything will open and scan the inside for you, I’ve never had a problem, they are the best!

It is actually difficult to find negative reviews about MyRVMail. The few that are online are regarding the Android app back in 2018 and compatibility issues have since been solved. There is one lackluster review on the MyRVMail Facebook page:

I’ve used myrvmail for more than one year. It’s acceptable, but not great. Their prices are high, it takes 2 days for them to ship your mail out..

It is good to see that MyRVMail made efforts to answer the issue raised.

Final Thoughts on MyRVMail

Essentially, MyRVMail is one of the best mail forwarding services around for RVers. This review has come across as maybe a bit too glowing, however, it is hard to fault the service. At most, the average business user might want to look elsewhere.

However, if you are currently enjoying life as a full-time RVer, you may have found the answer to your mail forwarding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Florida resident to use MyRVmail?

No. The Florida address can be used as a forwarding address only. The service is designed to help you keep your home state residency when you need mail forwarding services for travel.

Can I add more than one person to my mailbox address?

Yes. MyRVMail plans are designed so that all family members or business staff can be added to one account.

How does MyRVMail forward mail items?

MyRVMail uses USPS, FedEx, and UPS to forward mail items. You can choose which service is used when you select an action to be taken with your account dashboard. The cheapest method is USPS First Class (5-7 days), but this option offers no tracking and is for packages up to 13.0 oz.

FedEx 2 Day One Rate is a popular option for MyRVMail customers. This can fit around 25-30 pieces of mail and is a good way to consolidate items sent to one address. USPS International and FedEx International Priority are used for international forwarding.

Does MyRVMail have a Check Deposit Service?

Yes. The Mail-in Check Deposit Service is available on the Premium Plan at a cost of $4.95 per check. Check depositing is free for business account holders.

Can I turn my account on and off?

Yes. if you sign up for an annual plan and only use it for 6 months, you can turn your account off and use the remaining 6 months the next time you travel.

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