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Mailbox WTX Offering Virtual Addresses alongside Amazon and Dropship Fulfillment

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A press release published today from Mailbox WTX is highlighting the fact that the company is now offering complete e-commerce fulfillment services from one platform.

This means the business now provides services that can be used by both eCommerce customers and shoppers as well as dropship and Amazon merchants, (they provide wider fulfillment and logistics services too).

Based in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Mailbox WTX is a growing e-commerce cloud-based logistics system, that has recently opened up its U.S virtual addresses for wider use.

This allows shoppers to buy items in the United States and have them sent to a Mailbox WTX address. The company will then ship the parcel to you anywhere in the world.

Customers can avoid paying expensive overseas shipping fees by using the mail forwarding service for packages and correspondence. It also provides a means for overseas shoppers to purchase items from vendors that do not ship outside of the U.S.

Package forwarding via virtual addresses is not new of course. A popular similar service is Shipito, (an in-depth review to come soon).

However, where Mailbox WTX differs is the extra services that the platform is capable of providing.

Labeled as a fulfillment platform, the business also offers reverse logistics services, Amazon support services, and dropshipping services.

In today’s press release, Aaron Locascio, the CEO of Mailbox WTX stated that: 

Mailbox WTX makes your business successful online by providing best-in-class fulfillment so that you can ship your eCommerce orders fast and affordable. No matter what your customers are buying, our software will keep track of product inventory and availability.” 

The company is certainly proving ambitious too. Opening up its cloud-based software to all, Locascio said its aim is to “revolutionize the very concept of worldwide shipping and shopping around the world”.

Time will tell, of course, however, clearly any system that can make such processes more efficient and cost-effective for the consumer gets a big thumbs up from us.

Watch this space for a review of the service soon.

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