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Mail Forwarding Services: Ultimate Guide 2022


What are the best mail forwarding services available today?

Whether you’re an expat or traveler looking for a mail forwarding solution for you or your family, a digital nomad or small business, or even a large enterprise, we’ve got you covered in this virtual mailbox round-up.

Mail Forwarding Services Reviewed

  • Traveling Mailbox
  • Anytime Mailbox
  • Earth Class Mail
  • MyRVMail
  • iPostal1
  • US Global Mail

Best for Expats & Travelers: Traveling Mailbox

traveling mailbox review

Headquartered in Sanford, North Carolina, Traveling Mailbox is our top choice mail fowarding service for expats and travelers.

It offers a good range of US-based addresses with generous mail quotas on all plans.

The website and phone app are easy-to-use and allow you to manage your mail wherever you are in the world.

Automatic alerts will notify you when you have received new mail and response times are fast. Traveling Mailbox also provides remote check deposit facilities and will shred and recycle mail on request.

Traveling Mailbox Plans & Quotas







40 Incoming Envelopes / Month

100 Incoming Envelopes / Month

200 Incoming Envelopes / Month

35 Page Scans / Month

80 Page Scans / Month

180 Page Scans / Month

3 Mailbox Recipients

5 Mailbox Recipients

10 Mailbox Recipients

FREE Mail Shredding

FREE Mail Shredding

FREE Mail Shredding

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Scans Rollover

Scans Rollover

The three-tiered price structure is simple to understand and is very transparent, which is one of the reasons we really like this service.

The basic package at $15 will suit the needs of most travelers and expats. However, for those looking to add more recipient names and increase incoming mail items to 100 per month, the $25 plan is a great choice. (Traveling Mailbox cites it as their most popular.)

Traveling Mailbox Pros

  • Low cost Plans & generous quotas
  • Easy to use app
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Free document shredding
  • Evernote and DropBox Intergration
  • High rated customer support

Traveling Mailbox Cons

  • Better services available for business users
  • Scanning facilities are not available at all addresses
  • Costs for mail storage and fowarding can add up

Best Low Budget: Anytime Mailbox

anytime-mailbox review

Anytime Mailbox first launched in 2013 and their dedicated virtual mailbox services are designed for travelers, expats, digital nomads, and small businesses.

The company gets our vote for the best budget mail forwarding service for the plans available priced under $10 per month.

However, with one of the largest selections of virtual addresses on the market, (well over 1000  locations at the time of writing), with many available around the world, there are more reasons to opt for Anytime Mailbox other than the low price.

The available options are good for small businesses too.

Anytime Mailbox Plans & Quotas

Bronze plan Anytime Mailbox
anytime mailbox price plan
anytime mailbox price plan

Anytime Mailbox has some of the most budget-friendly plans available, (you can pick up a plan for $4.98 a month).

However, prices vary upon location, and it can be tough to discern mail quotas due to the varying way the plans are organized.

For example, some locations offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Unlimited, while others separate the plans into Address Only, Personal, and Business.

To be honest, comparing plans can get a bit confusing.

That being said, the sheer volume of choices means that every need is catered for. Whether you’re an ex-pat looking for a low-priced option in your home state, or a small business wanting a presence in New York, you will find a solution with Anytime Mailbox.

Anytime Mailbox Pros

  • Some of the lowest industry prices
  • Fast and easy remote mail management services across devices
  • Free unlimited online storage
  • All disposed mail is recycled (shredded if requested)
  • Extremely secure 2048 bit SSL connection
  • Good customer support

Anytime Mailbox Cons

  • Better services are available for enterprise users
  • Check deposit is not available at all addresses
  • High fees if you go over your monthly quotas
  • Comparing plans across locations is difficult

Best for Business: Earth Class Mail

earth class mail

Earth Class Mail is one of the largest digital mailbox service providers operating in the U.S today. Shopify, Lift, and Coinbase utilizes Earth Class Mail for their respective mailroom needs.

In other words, for big business, Earth Class Mail knows what it is doing.

This doesn’t mean that expats, travelers, and small business users are not catered for, however. The mail forwarding services available do meet these needs.

That being said, the service is our Best for Business choice due to the available addresses in prestigious inner-city locations, high level of integration with business software and platforms, and other premium services on offer.

Earth Class Mail Plans & Quotas

Mailbox Plans

personal plan Earth Class Mail
shared plan Earth Class Mail
premium plan Earth Class Mail

The lowest-priced mail forwarding service is $19.99 p/mo for 1 recipient.

This is expensive when compared to the likes of Anytime Mailbox and Traveling Mailbox, which offer more in terms of mail quota for less monthly fees.

However, for $29 a month you can opt for a 5 recipient plan with 50 mail items per month. This is great for families and group travelers.

The premium mailbox is more expensive than competing business plans from other service providers, however, with 20 recipients added to the account a small office can really benefit here.

Mailroom Plans

startup plan Earth Class Mail
business plan Earth Class Mail

For high-volume users, Earth Class Mail offers Mailroom Plans. These are on the top end in terms of price, however, they are sophisticated packages with some excellent integrations with various business software and platforms. These are ideally suited to enterprise users.

Earth Class Mail Pros

  • Business plans have high monthly quotas, prestigious addresses and superior integrations
  • High security with managed depots and 2 factor login
  • A well designed web app
  • Owned by Legal Zoom a platform providing legal formation and tax services to business

Earth Class Mail Cons

  • Plans are expensive compared to competition
  • The phone app doesn’t include all service options
  • Low selection of address (80)
  • No live chat facility for customer support
  • Customers have complained of high hidden costs

Best for RVers: MyRVMail


MyRVMail first launched almost 20 years ago in 2003. They are one of only a small number of mail forwarding services that cater specifically to the RV community. So much so, the company has built a full RV turning circle driveway on the grounds of its head office in Florida.

Features such as unlimited envelope cover scans and the ability to change your forwarding address as often as you need are clearly aimed at RV users.

Furthermore, you can also switch your account on and off related to your usage. In your RV for only 4 months of the year? You can freeze your account and start using it again the following year once you are back in the RV.

No storage fees on your mail is another large benefit you will not find with competing services. This allows you to consolidate forwarding your mail in bulk once you are ready to receive it.

MyRVMail Plans & Quotas

MyRVmail com Mail Forwarding service plans

MyRVMail has two plans, Premium (for individual and family use) and Business.

The Premium Plan is competitively priced at just under $25 and when you consider that you get UNLIMITED envelope cover scans for that price, it really is a great offer. (Only US Global Mail offers the same at this price point.)

The 10 free mail content scans are low, however, there is no page limit per envelope with this.

The Business Plan is also good as it offers a toll-free local phone number and call forwarding as part of the plan. (iPostal1 also offers this, however, it is an extra $39.99 on top of the selected plan!). However, this is the only reason to opt for it over the Premium plan.

That being said, the 15 free content scans a month are also low. The average business will certainly go over this.

MyRVMail Pros

  • Competitively priced plans with a transparent fee structure
  • Unlimited cover scans
  • Free storage on mail items
  • Change your forwarding address
  • Easy to use phone apps
  • Turn your account on and off
  • Share your account with whole family
  • Excellent customer support

MyRVMail Cons

  • Only one virtual mailing address is available
  • Free monthly content scan quota is low
  • The one-time $25 setup fee, and initial postage deposit
  • Business plan is only worth it if you need a phone number and call fowarding

Most Virtual Addresses: iPostal1

ipostal1 review

iPostal1 is the largest mail forwarding service operating in the U.S today in terms of choice, with over 2000 virtual addresses available.

Its services cater to travelers, expats, digital nomads, and small to large businesses.

The latter can have an additional service added that provides toll-free numbers and call forwarding.

In fact, the iPostal1 business options make it a comparable service to Earth Class Mail in terms of mail quotas and features.

iPostal1 Plans & Quotas

Virtual Mailing Address Plans and Pricing iPostal1
top Virtual Mailing Address Plans and Pricing iPostal1

iPostal1 has a number of plans across its personal and business service categories. The lowest-priced business “Blue Plan” is just $9.99 p/mo which is extremely good value considering the number of addresses available.

This also provides you with 30 incoming mail cover scans a month and other standard benefits.

The choice of plans (4 per category) is also flexible. This means you can up or downgrade at any time. For anyone unsure of the mail quotas they need, this is a real benefit.

On the downside, scans if you do go over your quota are expensive at $2.25 per item, (up to 10 pages). Also, users have complained about the nature of the phone app being buggy and difficult to use.

iPostal1 Pros

  • A wide range of flexible plans availble
  • Top plans have high monthly quotas
  • A choice of over 2000 addresses
  • Affordable priced plans, even for business use.

iPostal1 Cons

  • Phone app is clunky and buggy
  • Mail content scans are pricey at $2.25 per envelope (up to 10 pages)
  • Unlimited cloud storage is not available
  • No live chat facility for customer support

Best for Check Depositing: US Global Mail


If you are looking for a mail forwarding service that offers free check depositing US Global Mail is the one to go for.

The company, which happens to be one of the longest-running forwarding services based in the USA, (it started as a local mailroom over 20 years ago), offers free check depositing on all plans.

That’s not the only benefit. US Global Mail also allows for unlimited incoming mail items and longer mail storage times than much of the competition.

However, this is another mail forwarding service that only offers the choice of one virtual address. This will certainly be a deal-breaker for some potential users.

US Global Mail Plans & Quotas

US Global mail has two transparently priced plans below $15 that offer good value for money. Even at this low price free check depositing and unlimited mail items are included.

However, no free mail content scans are included each month. This costs 3 dollars per envelope and 50 cents a page. If you expect lots of mail that needs to be scanned, this will definitely add up.

The one business plan is priced at $29.95 per month (if purchased annually) and also has unlimited incoming mails and names that can be added to the account.

Again, no free content scans are included so bear this in mind before opting for the service.

US Global Mail Pros

  • Unlimited exterior mail scans
  • Long free physical mail storage on all plans
  • Affordable priced plans, even for business use.
  • Fast and easy remote mail management services across devices
  • Free check deposit facilities on all plans
  • All disposed mail is recycled (and can be shredded if requested)

US Global Mail Cons

  • Only one virtual address available
  • There are better services available for business users (Earth Class Mail for example)
  • Unlimited cloud storage is not available
  • No live chat facility for customer support
  • Doesn’t have a dedicated Android or IOS app

Mail Forwarding Services Compared















Up to 200/mo

Up to 250/mo

Up to 200/mo



Up to 240/mo





YES ($4.95)


YES ($4.95)


30 Days

30 Days



45 - 180 Days

60 Days




Up to $1.00





$15 - $55

$19 - $79/mo

Mailroom: $139 +

$6.50 – $80+

$24.90 - $39.95 

$9.95 - $24.95

$9.99 - $69.99

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