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FedEx “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” Meaning?

You’re expecting a package delivery from FedEx and you have received a “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Why was delivery not attempted and is there anything you should do?

Let’s take a look…

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What does “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” Mean?

The “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” tracking update means that an issue has occurred that prevented a delivery attempt that day. This is mostly due to a temporary technical or logistical problem and FedEx will reattempt delivery the following business day.

Common Causes of the “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” Update

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There are a number of reasons FedEx will not attempt delivery on a specific day. Here are some of the more common ones:

  • The package was scanned after the truck had gone out and FedEx will deliver the following business day instead.
  • The package was put on the wrong truck and was scanned upon return to the facility
  • The package was out for delivery, however, the driver did not finish their rounds
  • The package was damaged and could not be scanned for delivery
  • Holiday or Covid disruptions causing a shortage of delivery personnel
  • Bad weather, technical issues or traffic causes the driver to not attempt delivery

Essentially, the “local delivery disruption” is taking place in the locality of the delivery address (either the closest facility, local FedEx infrastructure, or circumstances close to the recipient’s address).

This disruption has caused FedEx to not attempt delivery that day.

When will my package be delivered after a “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” update?

Local Delivery Restriction Delivery not Attempted

Generally, FedEx will attempt delivery the next business day. As you can see from the screenshot above, this is highlighted within the updated tracking page.

Most local delivery restrictions are only temporary, meaning that FedEx can confidently state that your delivery will be made the following day.

The issues that cause this update are by far insurmountable. That being said, the delay could be several days during holiday disruptions. 

FedEx also experienced local delivery restrictions en masse during the height of the pandemic, where staff shortages caused a lot of disruptions.

What to do when you receive the “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” update?

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The best course of action is to wait it out.

Keep an eye on your tracking details for further updates and for details of the new delivery date. As mentioned above, this should only be in a matter of days.

If you would prefer to take some kind of action, you can also signup for the FedEx Delivery Manager.

You will have greater control of your delivery options from there, (although your package will likely be delivered before your account is confirmed).

A call to FedEx customer services may also provide you with more details and information about a future delivery attempt, (although in most cases your tracking page will contain all of this too.)

If you have the means, there is also the option to arrange a pickup instead. This could be from your local FedEx office, or via the parcel pickup service at stores such as Walgreens.

Both of these can be organized via the delivery manager or over the phone.

Final Words

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Essentially, a “Local Delivery Restriction, Delivery not Attempted” update is not something to be overly concerned about.

In most cases, it is FedEx simply saying that circumstances that day meant that delivery could not be arranged.

Your package is close when you receive this update, and in most scenarios, FedEx will attempt to deliver your item the following business day.

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  1. fedex needs to seriously investigate their braselton,ga facility….. they NEVER deliver on schedule, and have lost more packages than i can count!! i’m not the only one experiencing this, all around our area (north ga mtns) we are dealing with the incompetency of their lack of doing their job!!! i used to be a trucker, and if i did my job the way this particular location does, i’d have gotten fired!!! unacceptable!!!


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