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JIMC A Air Letters – All You Need to Know

You’re waiting for a South Africa Post delivery and have received a “JIMC A Air Letters” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Has your package reached South Africa or is it still in transit?

What do you do if your tracking is stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

What Does JIMC A AIR Letters Mean?

JIMC A AIR is the code for the Johannesburg International Mail Center. It is a sorting facility operated by the South Africa Post Office Limited (SAPO). It plays a pivotal role in handling inbound and outbound international air mail and packages. The same facility also goes by the ZAJNBA tracking reference.

Where is the Johannesburg International Mail Center (JIMC)

Johannesburg International Mail Center (JIMC)

The facility is located at Cnr Jones and, Griffiths Rd, Jet Park, Kempton Park, South Africa.

It is part of the wider international airport complex in Johannesburg.

It has no customer-facing services, and security is stringent being an international sorting center with customs facilities onsite.

Inside the Facility

entrance to the Johannesburg International Mail Center (JIMC)

The JIMC A AIR sorting facility is a bustling hive of activity, functioning as a central hub for the prioritized mail stream in South Africa.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including advanced sorting machines, conveyor belts, and a dedicated team of postal workers.

As the JIMC A Air Letters alert is connected to South Africa Priority Mail, we shall focus on that for a moment.

Letters that are processed inside the facility are sorted based on destination, allowing a seamless transition to the next stage in the delivery network, whether inbound or outbound.

mail sorting South Africa Post

The sorting process involves the use of automated machines that read and interpret addresses, ensuring accurate categorization and routing.

These machines use advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to decipher even the most intricate handwriting, significantly reducing the chances of misdelivery.

What Happens if a Letter or Package Gets Stuck?

man shrugging

Let’s face it, you’ve very likely come across this article because you are looking for information on what to do when your mail item has got stuck.

You’ve received a “JIMC A Air Letters” based tracking alert and there has been no progress for many days.

The fact is, despite the advanced technology and efficient processes in place, there are occasional instances where a letter or package may encounter delays or get temporarily stuck within the facility.

This could be due to various reasons, such as problems with customs clearance, incomplete or unclear addresses, technical malfunctions in sorting machines, or a surge in mail volume.

What to do if Your Tracking is Stuck?

mail and letters stuck in a warehouse

If your Priority Mail Letters is stuck in the sorting facility for a number of days, (or even past the supposed delivery date), you should contact South Africa Post.

The Customer Services number is: 0860 111 502

The customer support team is trained to investigate the status of the mail, provide updates, and offer solutions to expedite the delivery process.

Of course, this doesn’t always happen, and should you need to start a claims process, I will warn you in advance that patience is necessary.

Details of how to lodge a complaint with South Africa Post can be found here.

29 thoughts on “JIMC A Air Letters – All You Need to Know”

  1. Good day. I am trying to get my parcel to hoedspruit, have already had 2 parcels lost with the SAPO. Tracking numbers remains is LV936537714CN and WUYOU0000202783. Can you assist to send it to my physical adress as I cant afford to loose these two parcels…

    • Hi there, I have looked at the tracking for both items and everything seems to be going smoothly. The first item left customs in the destination country, South Africa yesterday (31/01/2024), and the second item is currently in Maruleng,Limpopo, which I would assume isn’t far from you. I cannot assist you in ensuring the packages reach your address, as Mailbox Master is independent website. However, if you have any issues, you should contact South Africa Post as they will be responsible for delivery.

        • Hi there, neither package looks stuck. The both have arrived in South Africa and are currently waiting for customs clearance. The fact it has only been 4 to 5 days since they arrived at JIMC A means you just have to wait longer.

  2. Good day, may I ask your assistance: my parcel LW494545671DE tracking says “ DEPARTED FROM LOCAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER
    10:28 AM SAST, ZAJNBA, ZA”

    Does that mean it’s on its way to Cape Town to my delivery address/local post office?


    • Hi there, yes, the item is in South Africa and has recently departed a sort facility in the region of the destination address. The next step will normally be the local post office before delivery. Your item will be with you very soon. 🙂

  3. Hi, I ordered something on the 24th January, and after much delays finally got a notification that it is with the JHB sorting facility for delivery to Cape Town. How long before I get the package ETA?

    • Hello, it is difficult to say how long your package will take to clear customs in South Africa (Mailbox Master is just a guide website, we are not affiliated with any carriers or postal services), but if there are delays, high volumes etc it can take up to a week or two. The tracking should notify once the item has been released however.

  4. Hi I have an international parcel that I think is stuck at jimc since last month the tracking number is LS901520364LV, RK068761230UA and RH083282908GB can you please help me find out if my parcels are still safe and will arrive to me thanks in advance

    • Hi Jerry, it looks as if your item from Latvia is held up in South African customs. It seems that they are experiencing delays there at the moment. You could try contacting South Africa Post about it, as it has been there for several weeks now. Your item from Ukraine looks as if it was released from South African customs a few days ago. It should be on its way to a facility near you by now. The same applies to the item from the UK. It was released on the 31st and is now with South Africa post.

  5. Hello There,
    Is is possible to please check the whereabouts of my parcel. Tracking number RY406823085IL.Thank you so much.Diana

    • Hi Diana, your package looks as if it cleared customs on the 2nd of Feb and is now with South Africa Post. It may take a few days to reach you, but it is getting closer. If you experience further delays from here, you could contact South Africa Post with your tracking details to find out more.

  6. Hi can you please assist me with tracking my international parcel, tracking number RE142921643NL. when I check it says dispatched but I’m a little confused whether to me or to another processing center?

    Thank you

    • Hi there, it looks as if your package was successfully processed by customs on the 2nd of Feb. It will normally go through one or more processing centers before it goes out for delivery. South Africa Post may also be a little delayed in retrieving the item from customs. I wouldn’t be concerned yet, but you could reach out to South Africa Post in the coming days if you receive no new updates.

        • Hi there, have you been contacting South Africa Post? That is what your tracking is suggesting you do to find out more. You are quite right though, the item is already on its way back to Italy. I am afraid you will need to take this up with the postal service; there is little else you can do now.

    • Hi Jerry, your tracking shows that the package has departed “from the inward office of exchange” on the 26 of January. (This means it has cleared customs in South Africa.) It sometimes takes a bit of time for South Africa Post to receive the item from customs; which would explain the delay. However, as it has been a couple of weeks since the last update, you may want to contact the postal customer services soon to make an inquiry.

  7. Hi can you help please trace my parcel the tracking number CG277801034LT as it says it has departed from tshwane mail centre on the 30th of January but when I call post office they say they can’t trace my tracking number

    • Hi Jerry, I answered your previous message about your package. So, South Africa Post definitely has your item within its delivery network, but have somehow (for now), misplaced it. You should keep pushing; your tracking number certainly works on their online tracker (despite the last update being from the 26th Jan).

  8. Good day
    my package: CV012298326ZA

    it’s been over 80 days now

    it said in December: at office of exchange… in transit to New Zealand

    80 days later::
    it changed again from on route
    At sorting centre… at office of exchange…. in transit to New Zealand again… twice the same route

  9. I don’t know if you can help me, I have a package with a tracking number KOMON0013692422YQ from komon express. It shows at pick up point with number ZA28773 but post office says that’s not their tracking number. Can you perhaps point me to the pick up point they are referring to.

  10. Hi there

    I had a package land in SA in Feb 2023 but still have not received it, nobody at SAPO can tell me where the package is currently.

    Tracking number is UM625306115US

    I’d really appreciate any assistance.

  11. Hi there

    It’s been over a year trying to track this package, it says it’s at Johannesburg sorting facility but nobody can assist?

    Tracking number is UM625306115US

    I’d really appreciate any assistance.

  12. Hi there i just to ask if i get notified that my pakage have been arrived at JIMC AIR LETTERS is it possible that a corroir company can collect it and deliver it to me?


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