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“Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” BPost Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a delivery and you have received an “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” status update.

It has to be said, this is one of Belgium Post’s (BPost) more self-explanatory tracking alerts.

However, who is the local postal operator in this situation? And what do you do if your package gets stuck on this update?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator

The “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” tracking alert means that the shipment has cleared customs in the destination country and has been handed over to the local postal service for final delivery. For example, in Belgium, this would be BPost, in the USA, USPS, and in the U.K., Royal Mail.

Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator – Guide


Essentially, the “Local Postal Operator” in the context of this tracking update is the national postal service of the destination country.

If you live in the USA when you receive this alert the package has been handed over to USPS for delivery.

Although the sender ordered the delivery from BPost, it is USPS that will be responsible for the final delivery due to the destination address being in the U.S.

Likewise, in any other country around the world. It is the local operator taking charge of delivery when you receive this update.

Where is my Package When I Receive the “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” Update?

Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator

Your package has arrived in the destination country, has passed through customs clearance, and has now been “… Deposited to the Local Postal Operator “.

As far as specific location, it is likely that the package is still inside the import facility where it arrived in the destination country.

For the USA this would be an International Service Center.

For European imported shipments, it could be Liege, Belgium. For a package arriving in the U.K., the local postal operator will be Royal Mail.

Also, the location at the point the update is triggered will be a major facility based at a relevant airport, (assuming the shipment arrived via cargo plane).

What Happens After an “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” Alert?

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Overall, the “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” alert is good news. It means that the next steps involve transit toward the recipient’s address.

Depending on the distance from the import location to the destination address, the package may pass through one or more regional facilities for sorting and onward dispatch.

So, How Long Until Delivery?

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If there are no delays to your shipment, delivery should be within 2 to 5 days after you receive the “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator”.

Let’s take delivery in the U.S. as an example.

If you live in the New York area and your shipment landed at the New York ISC it should leave that facility within 48hrs of USPS receiving the item from customs.

It will likely be dispatched toward a facility such as Jamaica NY Distribution Center or the USPS Metro NY Distribution Center.

From here another 1 to 2 days for sorting and dispatch to your local post office. The next business day, the postal service will deliver your package.

A similar situation will occur elsewhere around the world. Once the local postal operator has the package, it should be sorted and dispatched to the final delivery address in a matter of days.

My Package is Stuck on “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator”

shrug Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator

The above 2 to 5-day delivery time is what “should” happen. Clearly, this is not always the case.

In fact, you may have reached this article because your shipment has been stuck on this tracking update for days (maybe even weeks).

If your tracking isn’t updating and your package is nowhere to be seen, you will need to contact your local postal service for more information.

This will be the national postal operator in your country, so the details of the relevant customer services will be available online. 

You could also visit your local post office with details of your shipment, however, with queues and people getting in the way, the online/telephone approach is recommended.

Can BPost Help?

call center

You also have the option of contacting BPost.

This makes sense if your local postal service is not helpful, or doesn’t have any further information on the location of your shipment.

You can find BPost customer services here. Cite the tracking number and as many details of the shipment as you can.

In some cases, you might need to involve the sender too, especially in scenarios where you have ordered a product online.

Final Words

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Under normal circumstances, the “Item Deposited to Local Postal Operator” tracking update is a good one to receive.

It means customs clearance in the destination country has been successfully completed, and that the local postal operator now has the package.

With any luck, delivery will occur in just a few days.

If the tracking gets stuck, and no further information is available you will need to contact your postal service and/or BPost and the sender to find out more.

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