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Is Yun Express Fake – A Carrier & Tracking Guide

Is Yun Express Fake? If you have been on the (non) receiving end of Yun Express carrier services you may well be thinking this.

Have you found this article because your Yun Express tracking doesn’t make sense or is not updating? Maybe your package has been in transit for weeks and has yet to be delivered.

Today we are going to look into what Yun Express is, and whether the service along with its tracking is fake.

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SUMMARY: Is Yun Express Tracking Fake?

Yun Express isn’t fake, the service and its tracking are just very unreliable. The Yun Express tracking code assigned to a shipment only works while the item is in China. However, a new tracking code is provided that will work once the carrier service takes control of the shipment inside the destination country. Furthermore, this is an economy service so delivery times can be slow.

What is Yun Express?

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Founded in 2014, Yun Express is a carrier company with its main headquarters located in China.

The company provides global logistics services to operations based in China and has proved extremely popular with vendors on E-commerce platforms such as Wish, Shopify, AliExpress, Shein, and more due to the low delivery prices from China to the west. (220+ Countries and Regions are covered at the time of writing).

Furthermore, it has delivery partnerships with local postal services and courier companies worldwide.

Whether the final delivery is inside the USA, UK, Germany, or Australia, third-party carriers are on hand to fulfill last-mile delivery.

However, the sub-premium performance factor has left many customers dissatisfied with the service. All too often tracking alerts are unreliable and the delivery times are extremely long.

Some customers have also experienced non-delivery of items after weeks for something to arrive.

This frequent level of dissatisfaction has led to rumors online that Yun Express is fake.

So, is Yun Express Tracking Fake?

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Yun Express tracking is not fake it is just unreliable. Furthermore, many customers expecting a delivery through Yun Express do not realize that the tracking only works when the consignment is in China.

As covered in the summary above, Yun Express will only scan and track a consignment when it is in China.

As the tracking is updated through the transit process in China, the customer should receive alerts as the item is picked up by the carrier from the seller when it has passed through any relevant facilities, and once it has reached the point of export, (i.e airport for dispatch from China).

However, this does not always happen and is a fact that leads to customer frustration. It is hard to ascertain exactly where the package is.

Situations That Make Yun Express Tracking Seem Fake

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Let’s now take a look at problems that cause customers to think Yun Express tracking is fake

Tracking not Updating

The first situation is the most common. Although the shipment is slowly making its way through the transit infrastructure in China, (facilities, sometimes even aircraft transit – China is a big country) no updates are created to document progress.

The consignment is missing scans and the item’s specific location remains unknown to the recipient.

Consignment Delayed and Wrong Tracking Sent

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Sometimes a package can be delayed inside a Yun facility, however, the consignment that it was attached to, (i.e the bulk shipment) is moving and the customer receives updates for that instead.

This is obviously misleading and creates conflicting status alerts once the package gets moving again, or is assigned to another bulk shipment.

Old or Wrong Yun Express Tracking Number Used

It is not uncommon for Chinese vendors to send customers an old tracking number, either by mistake or to make it seem that the item has already been dispatched.

Understandably, the customer will think that the Yun Express Tracking is fake as it will show as invalid once the number is used.

No Tracking Updates Once the Shipment Leaves the Origin Country

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Finally, as already mentioned, not all customers realize that Yun Express tracking stops working once it leaves the origin country.

If you do not know this, you will naturally think that Yun Express is fake once the tracking details suddenly stop.

Conversely, even with this knowledge, it is frustrating to not have any further details once the shipment begins its overseas transit.

This in itself leads to customer dissatisfaction.

How to Track a Yun Express Delivery Once it Leaves China

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As mentioned, during overseas transit your shipment will receive very few scans (it is in the hands of the linehaul operator) and it will be hard for you to ascertain where it is.

However, upon arrival in the destination country, things will begin to look up again.

If the destination country is the U.S., USPS will be the postal service that delivers your item.

This means that as soon as they have their hands on the shipment, a scan will be created and you can once again follow progress.

The same applies in the U.K., (Royal Mail being the carrier in charge of final delivery) and wherever else the destination country is.

The local postal service will scan the item upon arrival into the country, revealing a new status update.

To find out these details all you need to do is punch in your tracking number into a universal tracking service such as 17Track or Parcelsapp

This will reveal any new information once the shipment has been dispatched to the destination country’s postal service.

Yun Express Packages Not Arriving

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Another issue that crops up online when it comes to Yun Express is the non-delivery of items.

The frequency of this has led customers on the (non) receiving end to declare that the entire company is fake.

The platforms that use Yun Express make no effort to hide the fact that delivery will take 3 to 6 weeks when an economy delivery service is used.

To cut costs, items are transported with low priority even when aircraft are used.

When a package ends up never arriving, there are many factors at play. Whether the cause is theft, damage, or poor logistics (it is actually a combination of all three), a low-budget service such as Yun Express is naturally prone to it.

Ultimately, China-based e-commerce vendors are willing to take the risk for the benefit of low shipping costs. The money saved (from their perspective) obviously outweighs the unsatisfied customers and the potential claims process.

This is a shame and is one of the negatives of using such eCommerce platforms.

What to do if Your Yun Express Package Doesn’t Arrive?

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If you discover that your order is being shipped by Yun Express, I recommend that you ignore the tracking for as long as possible.

It may be conflicting, or frustratingly inconsistent. Either way, the fact Yun Express is being used means delivery times will be slow.

The most important issue is to be well aware of your BUYER’S GURANTEE PERIOD, and the date that you made the original order.

Aliexpress offers 60 days. Wish and Shein slightly less (and dependent on delivery location). 

If your item isn’t delivered within the guarantee period, you will need to open a dispute to get your money back or request credit or a replacement item sent.

Good luck. Although Yun Express’s tracking is not fake and the company is very real, the economy factor of the service means delays, bad tracking, and potential non-delivery of the item is ever-present.

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  1. The supplier of my purchase has used YunExpress but when searching for my parcel (using the tracking number) I have received a message from them wanting my credit card details for an additional £1 charge. When using their link I receive a message from my internet security company that there it is a phishing company and refuse to give me access. The problem is the address label on my parcel has been damaged so my address is totally illegible.


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