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Is Yanwen Tracking Fake? A Complete Guide

Is Yanwen Tracking Fake? If you have ordered an item on AliExpress and seen Yanwen in the tracking details, you may have found this page because you are wondering if your item is ever going to arrive.

The fact is, as far as carriers go, Yanwen can be less than reliable.

The online reviews a far from stellar, and the carrier has a reputation for poor tracking updates, and in some cases, lost shipments.

Does this mean that the Yanwen tracking is fake, however?

Let’s take a look…

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SUMMARY: Is Yanwen Tracking Fake?

Yanwen Tracking isn’t fake, it is just very unreliable. The Yanwen tracking code assigned to a shipment only works while the item is in China. As soon as it leaves the departure destination the Yanwen tracking number is no longer valid. Add this to the fact some eCommerce vendors will provide wrong or old tracking numbers and you have good reason to assume Yanwen tracking is fake.

What is Yanwen?

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Yanwen is a carrier company with its main headquarters located in Beijing.

The company operates from 50 cities within China and provides international network distribution to approximately 200 countries and regions around the world. Its business partners include AliExpress, China Post, eBay & DHL.

Similar to Sunyou, (a carrier that also has a reputation for using fake tracking), Yanwen is an economy carrier service that has proved very popular with AliExpress vendors looking to ship smaller items to customers in the west

However, precisely for the reason you have reached this article, the low-budget approach has left many customers dissatisfied.

With slow service speeds even on the air cargo and the aforementioned tracking problems, people have begun to question whether Yanwen tracking is fake.

Head Office: Beijing Yanwen Logistics Co., Ltd, No. 10 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

So, is Yanwen Tracking Fake?

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Yanwen tracking is not fake, it is just borderline useless. (Head here, for our recent article about Yanwen tracking updates you may or may not receive).

The fact Yanwen will only scan and track a consignment when it is in China, and even then these alerts can arrive out of sync, you have a tracking system that understandably frustrates.

Even at the best of times and working at full efficiency, your Yanwen tracking will only really be able to tell you when it is ready to leave a facility (Yanwen Facility Outbound) and when it has arrived at the exit port.

The line carrier is the step after customs clearance, and very often Yanwen will not even provide an alert that this has happened, (even though this action is still within China).

Situations That Make Yanwen Tracking Seem Fake

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There are a number of scenarios that can lead the customer to question whether Yanwen tracking is fake.

Even when it is made clear that no Yanwen tracking occurs past the Chinese border.

Yanwen Tracking not Updating

The first situation is the most common.

The package could well be moving (albeit slowly) through the Yanwen logistics infrastructure, (i.e from one facility to the next towards the exit port), however, no tracking alerts are being provided.

A customer can use all manner of tracking services, and still no updates. 

This is simply due to the fact the consignment is missing scans and the specific location of the item remains unknown.

Consignment Delayed and Wrong Tracking Sent

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Another scenario can occur during an AliExpress consolidated shipment, or where Yanwen has wrongly attributed a tracking number to your consignment.

The shipment begins to move, however, your item is not on it. You end up receiving status alerts that in no way correspond to where your order actually is.

Confusing and frustrating in equal measures.

Old or Wrong Yanwen Tracking Number Used

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This is a situation where the blame cannot be held on Yanwen and its low-quality carrier services.

Sometimes, an eCommerce vendor will send the customer an old tracking number.

This can either be by innocent mistake or where the vendor didn’t wait for the real details to arrive from Yanwen.

The customer will naturally think that the Yanwen Tracking is fake as it is a number that doesn’t work.

No Tracking Updates Once the Shipment Leaves the Origin Country

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Finally, if you are a customer that didn’t realize Yanwen tracking stops working once it leaves China, you too will think the number provided is fake.

Yanwen alerts will stop at what is essentially the first part of the shipment journey. Customers are less than pleased with this.

Some Customer Quotes about Yanwen Tracking & Services

“The parcel left China 78 days ago in March but there is no record of its existence since early May. DO NOT USE YANWEN”

“I have not received any information regarding my parcel! It has been 3 weeks.”

“There never are ANY updates on my parcel.”

“Worst carrier EVER. No updates or communication since my parcel was dispatched in NOVEMBER 2021. It is now the end of March 2022.”

The list goes on…

Yanwen Packages Not Arriving

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One final issue to explore is the fact that Yanwen packages sometimes do not arrive at all.

This has led customers to wonder if the entire company is fake. While that is rather far-fetched, it is worth discussing just how bad the service is in this regard.

As we have already covered, Yanwen is an economy international shipment service. Average shipping times using the carrier are 6 to 25 days for air cargo and 3 to 6 weeks.

The carrier is also unapologetic about the lack of tracking, (it seems this is one of the trade-offs of using a low-cost carrier).

Whether the consignment is transported by air or sea cargo, the quality of the Yanwen logistics infrastructure inevitably leads to items going missing.

Whether the cause is theft, damage, or lack of expertise (it is actually a combination of all three), this low-cost operator will not always ship items successfully.

However, AliExpress vendors are clearly aware of this fact yet still decide to use this carrier. The cost savings clearly outweigh the risk of an unsatisfied customer. 

On low-priced products, (small, low-priced items are what the service is normally used for), the claims process and sending a replacement item is seemingly the preferred choice of the vendors that decide to use Yanwen.

What to do if Your Yanwen Package Doesn’t Arrive?

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So, what should you do if your Yanwen Package Doesn’t Arrive? Our recommended approach is to ignore the tracking and be prepared for a long wait.

In the first weeks of a shipment, there is nothing you can do but cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Any contact with Yanwen or the seller in the initial stages will lead to “please wait longer”.

This means you need to be well aware of your BUYER’S GUARANTEE PERIOD. AliExpress provides this on all purchases and it covers the buyer for 60 days in the case of non-delivery.

In other words, if your item doesn’t arrive within this time span, you will be able to open a dispute to get your money back.

Good luck. Although Yanwen’s tracking is not fake and the company is very real, they are just not particularly good at what they do. You have been warned.

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  1. Absolutely disgusting. They advertised the item on Amazon with a max delivery time of 5 days 9 days on it hasn’t even left China……yet it was supposed to be UK based delivery. I will get my money back but that simply isn’t the point. These items were ordered early and well in time for our holiday yet not even Amazon want to take these people to task.


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