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Is SpeedPAK Tracking Fake?

You’ve ordered an item on eBay that is being sent using SpeedPAK from the Far East.

However, when you try to track the item you are seeing no results, or the updates have stopped.

Naturally, you might start to think that SpeedPAK tracking is fake.

Is this true? Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Is SpeedPAK Tracking Fake?

SpeedPAK tracking is not fake. It is just a low-budget carrier service where tracking can be unreliable or even stop altogether once the shipment reaches the destination country. However, some less-than-reputable sellers may send you the wrong or even a false SpeedPAK tracking number. Although this is rare as eBay will remove any vendors that do this.

Guide: Is SpeedPAK Tracking Fake?

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SpeedPAK is a service that eBay offers sellers based in the Far East as a means of shipping items from there to customers around the world.

It was developed with Orange Connex as a cost-effective method of overseas logistics.

While for the most part, the service will deliver items in a timely enough manner, (in terms of low-budget carriers that is); there can be a trade-off with the level of shipment tracking that customers can expect.

Lacklustre Tracking

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Essentially, your package will not necessarily receive a scan that will trigger an update for each stage of the shipment journey.

In the absence of regular updates, (and potentially longer delivery times), customers have begun to assume that SpeedPAK tracking is fake.

This is not true. 

The carrier does provide tracking, and at the point of time an alert is sent, it will correspond to the true progress of the package.

Handled by Local Carriers


However, as explained here, part of the low-budget approach of SpeedPAK is that once the parcel arrives in the destination country, it is handed to a local carrier of postal service to complete delivery.

Here, hold-ups can occur (SpeedPAK packages are a low priority for the carriers that undertake the last mile of delivery), and tracking can cease.

In other words, your SpeedPAK / eBay account will not always show any updates once the local carrier has the item in its delivery network.

This too, causes customers to assume that SpeedPAK tracking is fake.

Less than Reputable Sellers

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The final issue that has given SpeedPAK a reputation that questions the validity of its tracking, is sellers using false tracking numbers.

I hasten to add that this is rare, however, it can sometimes happen.

Sellers that are trying to scam customers on the eBay platform, will take the money from orders and provide old or fake carrier tracking details to the person that made the order.

It is very simple to do and provides the seller an opportunity to take the funds without actually sending the package.

However, the reason this is rare is that eBay has methods in place to prevent such activity, (and is getting better all the time at combating it).

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A seller will not be able to get away with this behavior for long. One strike and they will be banned.

Furthermore, eBay has the power to retain any income that the seller makes through the false sale of goods.

It is simply too difficult to work on eBay if you are not providing what you say you are.

So, if you are having problems with your tracking number, you should exhaust all other avenues before assuming that the tracking is fake or that you have been subjected to eBay fraud.

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