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Is EMS Express Fake & How Reliable is The Tracking?

You’re expecting a delivery from EMS Express and there is no sign of your package.

What is going on? Is EMS Express fake? Can you expect reliable tracking updates?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Is EMS Express Fake

EMS Express isn’t Fake. However, the service and the associated tracking can be unreliable. With missing packages and tracking alerts that sometimes provide conflicting information, (or stop altogether), it is understandable to question whether EMS Express is fake.

Is EMS Express Fake – A Complete Guide


To suppress your suspicions of whether EMS Express is fake it is helpful to understand the nature of EMS.

Standing for Express Mail Service, EMS is an international express mail delivery service offered by postal operators around the world.

This means it is in fact a service created in conjunction with the national postal service of which country you are sending from (with multiple countries around the world all working as a cooperative).

As stated on the EMS Global Network website, “The EMS Cooperative, a body of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) *, consists of 174 postal operators who have agreed to work together to provide EMS – Express Mail Service”.

In essence, it is the postal services of the world working as a cooperative to send and receive international and domestic mail.

Why You Might Think EMS Express is Fake

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It is common for a person to see EMS cited in the tracking update of a delivery and assume that this is the name of the carrier responsible for the shipment.

Then, when alerts stop being sent, or the package goes missing, it is understandable that the disgruntled customer will think that EMS (as a carrier) screwed up the delivery.

This in turn adds to the reputation that EMS is fake.

What really is happening when a shipment goes wrong, is logistical and communication problems within the EMS express network of postal operators.

Remember this is not one unified carrier responsible for the shipment (as a DHL or FedEx international shipment will often be); this is an express delivery where more than one service will be responsible.

It needs a “weak link” in the logistics chain for things to go wrong.

Ensuring all Parts are Equal (EMS Express Operators)

EMS awards

A third-party auditor evaluates the performance of all international EMS operators for express delivery, and EMS Performance Awards are granted based on the operators’ overall performance, including service quality and tracking accuracy.

In other words, the 174 postal services that form EMS can be held accountable if the quality of service falls below a certain standard.

EMS Cooperative members are awarded gold, silver, or bronze certificates based on their annual performance.

There is also an EMS Cooperative’s Hall of Fame, where leading operators are recognized.

There is an incentive to keep standards high.

However, the fact that customers still question whether EMS is fake does mean that there is work to be done in terms of overall service quality.

How to Track your EMS Express

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We have covered how an international EMA Express package will pass through more than one postal service.

This often means that tracking can be a problem.

Rather than guess which service is currently tracking your item, or end up frustrated because the service you sent the package through has now stopped sending alerts, I recommend that you use a universal tracking service.

I have recommended the following two services so often on Mailbox Master, you might think I am an affiliate, (unfortunately there is no such program 🙂 ).

Anyway, there is no getting away from it, they work really well.


Simply punch in the tracking number of your package into either 17track of Parcelsapp or whichever postal service within the EMS network is currently scanning and tracking your item, and the information will be revealed.

In fact, sometimes, the details you find on these web services are more comprehensive than that of the postal service tracking page.

Anyway, whether you have ceased receiving updates or they seem confused, you should get more clarity here.

EMS Express Package never arrived

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If it gets to a stage where your EMS Express package doesn’t arrive, as the recipient you will need to contact the sender.

The sender will then need to contact the postal service/carrier that they sent the package with originally.

Even if it has been handed to another operator further along the shipment journey, it is the origin postal service that the sender has the delivery contract with, so inquiries will need to start there.

Final Words


Overall, EMS Express isn’t fake.

However, the fact that the service is made up of so many postal operators worldwide does mean that issues can arise.

It is designed to streamline the delivery process with its cooperative approach.

Needless to say, any chinks in the logistical process, will mean that your package can end up late or never arrive at all.

Added to this, are confusing tracking updates and you have a system that in some cases has proven unreliable.

It is this that has led some to question whether EMS is fake.

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