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Is Cainiao Tracking Fake – AliExpress Logistics

You’re expecting an order from AliExpress and Cainiao is the logistics company responsible for the shipping.

You’re also keeping a close eye on the tracking alerts and nothing makes sense.

Is Cainiao tracking fake?

Let’s take a look…

Guide: Is Cainiao Tracking Fake?

Cainiao office building

What is Cainiao?

Cainiao Carrier Service is a logistics platform founded in 2013 by Alibaba Group’s logistics arm, Cainiao Network.

It acts as an intermediary between AliExpress vendors and shipping carriers, streamlining the order fulfillment process.

The service integrates a vast network of shipping partners, including national and international courier services.

As of May 2018, Cainiao was one of the largest unicorn companies in China, valued at 100 billion yuan.

Cainiao Tracking Controversy: Fact or Fiction?

fake or real

A recurring concern among AliExpress shoppers is the authenticity of the tracking information provided by Cainiao.

Let’s face it, this is probably why you have reached this article in the first place… your experience with Cainiao has led you to question whether the tracking is fake.

A number of forums online have comments from customers claiming that the tracking updates appear to be inaccurate, delayed, or even fabricated.

Let’s explore this controversy in a little more detail:

1. Cainiao Tracking Accuracy


AliExpress vendors often provide customers with tracking numbers that can be used to monitor the progress of their orders.

While delays and occasional tracking inaccuracies may occur due to a multitude of factors, such as customs clearance, limited carrier updates, or unforeseen logistical challenges, it is crucial to differentiate between occasional glitches and systematic issues.

2. The Complexity of Global Logistics

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The complex nature of global logistics can contribute to tracking discrepancies.

Once a package is handed over to a shipping carrier, Cainiao relies on the carrier’s tracking system to provide real-time updates.

Issues may arise due to discrepancies between different carriers’ systems, resulting in delayed or inconsistent tracking information.

Furthermore, some carriers will stop tracking a package once it exits China, meaning there can be vast gaps in the tracking alerts being sent.

Customers do not receive new updates until the item has arrived in the destination country and is once again being tracked by the local carrier.

3. Communication and Transparency

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To bridge the gap between customers and AliExpress vendors, Cainiao has implemented measures to enhance communication and transparency.

For instance, they have introduced the “Seller’s Shipping Method” to provide clearer information on shipping carriers and estimated delivery times.

This initiative aims to improve customer experience and reduce confusion regarding tracking updates.

Verdict: Is Cainiao tracking fake?

fake or fact

While the above may come across as if I am supporting Cainiao and attempting to debunk concerns about the authenticity of the tracking information, it is important to make clear the complexities that exist.

Global logistics on the scale being dealt with by AliExpress is immense, and quite simply, discrepancies and delays do occur.

However, they are not necessarily indicative of a systematic issue with Cainiao’s tracking capabilities.

Could they be better? Very likely yes… but are they purposefully fake? That seems highly unlikely to me.

At the end of the day, this answer probably doesn’t help you if you are on the receiving end of some terrible tracking updates.

I hope your order is with you soon though. 🙂

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