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Looking for the best virtual mailbox service?

In this review, we’ll go over the details of the iPostal1 Platform and explain how it compares to others on the market.


iPostal1 is one of the largest digital mailbox service providers operating in the U.S today, boasting over 2000 virtual addresses. The company moved into the virtual mailbox arena around 2015 and has swiftly expanded. Its services cater to travelers, expats, digital nomads, and small businesses. They also provide virtual office mailbox plans with call answering features.

Based out of New York, this mailbox platform has proved very popular with customers and has an impressive rating on reputable user review websites such as Trust Pilot. That being said, is iPostal1 the right virtual mailbox for you? Today, we’ll explore its features and prices, customer reviews, and rate its specific services overall.

Our Approach:

For our iPostal1 review, we have focused on four main questions:

  • Is iPostal1 a good deal?
  • Who are their packages best suited for?
  • Are there better deals available?
  • Who uses iPostal1 and how did they rate their experience?

iPostal1 Summary

iPostal1 has a wide range of plans available over the personal and business categories. These cater well for both small and large volume users due to the quotas involved on each.

This mailbox service also has one of the largest selections of available addresses across the U.S, with over 2000 at the time of writing. Add-on services such as a toll-free phone and fax number are also good for business users.

However, there are additional costs that potential customers need to be aware of. Mail contents scanning is not the cheapest on the market. You will also have to pay for the shredding of your mail.

Furthermore, the app still has technical issues (even after a recent rebuild) and the customer service lacks a live chat option, (mail and email during office hours are available mind you). Overall, this is an adequate service provider, however, in our opinion, there are better options available.

iPostal1 Pros

  • A wide range of flexible plans availble
  • Top plans have high monthly quotas
  • A choice of over 2000 addresses
  • Affordable priced plans, even for business use.

iPostal1 Cons

  • A phone app that is clunky and buggy
  • Mail content scans are pricey at $2.25 per envelope (up to 10 pages)
  • Unlimited cloud storage is not available
  • No live chat facility for customer support

iPostal1 Alternatives

Another low-budget option is available through Traveling Mailbox. This has lots of available virtual addresses located across the U.S.

Anytime Mailbox and US Global Mail are also recommended for small volume users looking for a bargain. The latter also provides a free check depositing service and unlimited incoming mail items. The one address based out of Houston can be restrictive, however.

Earth Class Mail is a better choice for larger businesses due to the services directed towards enterprise users.








iPostal1 Ratings

Value – 3.5/5

iPostal1 has a number of plans across its personal and business service categories
The fact the lowest-priced business “Blue Plan” is just $9.99 p/mo is a value beating proposition. No other business plan on the market is as low priced as that. This provides you with 30 incoming mail cover scans a month and other standard benefits. Furthermore, the choice of plans (4 per category) and their flexible nature (change at any time), does make iPostal1 a good choice for those who may not know the monthly volume of their incoming mail and need the freedom to alter their mailbox plan accordingly. That being said, scans per month are expensive at $2.25 per item, (up to 10 pages).

Customer Service – 3.5/5

iPostal1 does not have live chat support
iPostal1 customer support is not as available as some of its competitors. The support staff is only accessible during office working hours (9 am – 5 pm CT) and is closed on weekends. Traveling Mailbox on the other hand offers Live Chat and Anytime Mailbox is available Monday to Sunday from 5 am to midnight (PST). In other words, the competition is better in this regard.

Ease of Use – 3.5/5

The phone app feels buggy and is clunky to use
The web app works well enough and is easy to use, however, the phone app continues to cause problems for users with a clunky interface and occasional crashing. In fact, the Android app review comments show a lot of issues in this area.

Included Features – 4.5/5

iPostal1 includes all the features you need across the various price plans
iPostal1 does provide a lot of good features. The fact you can add on local toll-free phone and fax numbers from $39.99 a month will be a real benefit for some business users. Additional names can be added to accounts and the choice of over 2000 addresses does mean you are covered in terms of your virtual address location needs. The quota on incoming items is good too, (however, US Global Mail is better with their unlimited quota even on the low-priced plans).

iPostal1: Price Plans

iPostal1 has a pricing structure that makes it easy to chop and change and add additional services to your plan. There are also 4 to choose from in each category (Personal and Business), with virtual office options too. While the choice is good to have, it can make discerning whether you’re getting a good deal more difficult.

Personal Plans: From $9.99 – $39.99p/mo

Virtual Mailing Address Plans and Pricing iPostal1 1
Virtual Mailing Address Plans and Pricing iPostal12 1

The four iPostal1 personal plans differ in terms of how much incoming mail you can receive before going over your quota. Each plan allows for additional recipient names and gives you the choice of the many virtual addresses available. Highlights of the packages include:

  • Up to 5 recipient names per address
  • 30 days of Physical Storage (5 or 10 days for boxes depening on size)
  • 2 GB secure cloud storage
  • $4.95 Check Deposit
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Who should purchase the iPostal1 Personal Plans?

The personal plans are designed for single expats, travelers, or digital nomads. If you have an idea of your monthly mail quotas you then purchase one of the colored plans accordingly.

Business Plans: From $14.99 – $39.99 p/mo

The iPostal1 Business Plans follow the same pricing structure as the personal plans with a choice of 4 that vary depending on the amount of incoming mail that can be received with the quota. However, business virtual addresses are categorized as either Standard, Select, Premium, or Prestige mailbox locations, with the price dependant on which you choose. The Business plans differ from personal plans in that 4 recipient names, plus 1 company name can be added per address.

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Who should purchase the iPostal1 Business Plans?

The Business Plans and designed for businesses, large and small that require a business virtual address in a suitable location based on the type that is chosen: Standard, Select, Premium, or Prestige.

Included on all Plans

Virtual Business Address Plans Pricing iPostal1

Additional Services and Charges

iPostal1 has various add-on services and charges that you need to be aware of. This is where the service can become more expensive than the competition. For example, $2.25 per content scan, (even if it is a single page) is expensive. The fact pick-up at a location is charged at many locations should also be noted. In other words, you should pay attention to the charges below before deciding whether iPostal1 is the right mailbox provider for you.


iPostal1 Customers

iPostal1 is used by expat families, travelers, digital nomads, and business owners, that

  • Want greater control of the terms and fees associated with their mailbox service
  • Are looking for a wide choice of addresses (including prestigious business addresses)
  • May want to use additional features such as a toll-free phone and fax number
  • Are not looking for the best value deal currently available

Here are some verified reviews (from Trust Pilot) by people that use iPostal1 for their mailbox and mailroom service needs:

“Very happy with the service. Customer service is excellent over the phone.”

“iPostal1, is an excellent option for the Business.”

“The solution is exactly what I needed for my personal mail and business operations!!! My mail is handle with professionalism and awesome customer service!!”

Not all customer reviews have been as positive as this. Quite a few focus on some of the issues we have raised…

“Horrible Software, poor customer service, AVOID.”

“I dont like the apps functionality or set up. Although it’s a simple template it seems its not a good template for a mobile device.”

“I was surprised and irritated to discover that there are fees for everything, including local mail pick-up. So your bill will be higher than $10/month”

It is good to see that iPostal1 makes efforts to answer the various bad reviews with advice, explanations, and where applicable, apologies.

Final Thoughts on iPostal1

Essentially, iPostal1 is an okay choice in a sector with a lot of competition. The range of plans is good, as is the ability to upgrade and cancel at any time. There is also a huge amount of addresses to choose from. However, with a buggy app, customer service that is less available than other providers, and some high additional costs, you really should think hard before opting for iPostal1. In our opinion, there are better choices out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my mail from an iPostal1 address?

Yes. Location pick-up is available should you need it. First, you should log in to the iPostal1 app to schedule a pickup. This can only be arranged for within the address location during business hours and a service fee may be applied.

Can I add more than one person to my mailbox address?

Yes. On the personal plans, an additional 4 names can be added to one account for personal use. When filling in Form 1583 you will need to add the details and provide two forms of ID for every person that you add. (An extra fee will be charged if you add additional names after 30 days of signup.) Only 3 additional names can be added to business accounts.

Will I get an individual mailbox number when I signup with iPostal1?

Yes, iPostal1 addresses come with a unique mailbox number. This is computer-generated and cannot be chosen by the customer.

Does iPostal1 have a Check Deposit Service?

Yes. The Mail-in Check Deposit Service is available on all plans and costs $4.95 per check.

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