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“International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging” – Shein Tracking Guide

You’ve recently made an order from Shein and you’ve received an “International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and what do you do if it ends up stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging

The “International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging” tracking alert from Shein is triggered soon after the order is made. It means that the items purchased have been consolidated inside the international warehouse and are waiting to be packaged for shipment.

International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging – Guide

This update is one of the first you will receive have you have confirmed and paid for your Shein order.

It means that the individual item/s have been picked from the stores of the Shein warehouse and grouped together ready to be packaged.

This is done on an industrial scale within an international warehouse.

With thousands of orders each day being prepared for shipment, yours will go into a queue while it awaits final checks and packaging by Shein staff.

Once the order has been packaged and the shipping label attached, the parcel will be disinfected in line with the regulations in China for Covid-19 before it awaits pickup by the carrier.

How long will my tracking state: International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging

International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging

Your tracking should not be stuck on this update for long. Generally, Shein will send the next update (International Warehouse Package Disinfection and Processing Completed, Awaiting Shipping), within 24 hours.

In fact, as you can see from the screenshot above, my latest order was only on the “International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging” update for five hours.

As mentioned, Shein’s warehouses operate on an industrial scale.

Seasonal volumes (orders for Christmas for example) will impact the number of orders being processed, however, from the completion of picking to packaging and then disinfection should always occur within a maximum of 48hrs.

Tracking Stuck on “International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging”

If your tracking remains stuck on this update for more than a few days there has clearly been a delay.

This could be due to an issue consolidating all the items, (one of the ordered SKUs may be out of stock for example), high volumes, and/or a technical problem that could also be preventing your order from being packaged.

Whatever the reason, if your tracking is stuck on the update for several days, you should contact Shein customer services to find out what the hold up is.

Where are the Shein International Warehouses?

International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging
Inside a Shein warehouse (Image Credit:

I have written a dedicated article on the subject of the Shein warehouse locations and where the company ships from, however in summary…

Shein’s headquarters are located in the city of Nanjing, however, the company also has large warehouses in Guangzhou, which is a key destination for Chinese textile manufacturing.

Also, as Shein has expanded, it has opened International warehouses all over the world to facilitate faster shipping times.

These locations include the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and the Middle East.

Final Words

Overall, the “International Warehouse Awaiting Packaging” tracking update from Shein is a standard alert that is sent at the beginning of the order.

It means that the items of the order have been picked and are now waiting to be packaged for shipment. With any luck, your order will move towards being shipped within 24 to 48hrs from the time you receive the update.

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