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Hermes / Evri Tracking: Received at International Hub

You’re expecting a package from Evri (formally Hermes) and you’ve received a “Received at International Hub” status update.

What does this mean? Is your package close to delivery when you see this alert and is there anything you should do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Received at International Hub

The “Received at International Hub” status update means that the shipment has arrived at the international sorting hub at the import location of the destination country. This will normally be located at a major airport and is a tracking status used by Evri (formally Hermes) for international shipments.

Received at International Hub – Guide

The “Received at International Hub” tracking update simply means that the item has arrived in the destination country, passed customs clearance (if required), and has been received by the sorting facility responsible for the next stage of the shipment journey.

Depending on the location, this will either be an Evri (Hermes) facility or one operated by a carrier that Evri has a business relationship with.

What Happens After a “Received at International Hub” Status Alert?

The shipment is actually nearing the end of its journey when you receive this update. The next steps usually involve the package being dispatched to a sort facility or hub nearer the recipient’s address.

From there it will be sorted onto a truck for final delivery. Again, whether it is an Evri driver arriving at your door, or that of a third-party carrier, depends on the country of destination.

That being said, Evri offers an international service in over 190 countries, so the chances are it will be Evri completing the delivery.

Tracking Stuck on “Received at International Hub”

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I have seen online complaints of the tracking becoming stuck on the “Received at International Hub” update, or seemingly going into a loop with various status alerts relating to the international hub (Received by INT HubProcessed by INT hub, etc).

To begin with, your best action is to actually see the process out. There could be backlogs in the facility causing a delay in the item being released.

It can be frustrating, however, if there really is an issue an Evri representative will often be in touch or you will receive an update with details on any action that needs to be taken,

Normally, these situations resolve themselves, with the shipment making its way to an international depot before delivery.

Tracking Evri International Deliveries

Another reason you can end up losing track of your Evri international delivery is by attempting to track it in the wrong place.

You have to ensure that you visit the international site, for any shipments sent abroad. If you use your tracking number on the U.K website, you will not receive the relevant updates.

Contacting Evri if the Package Really is Stuck

If you end up waiting out the issues as advised above, and still the package does not arrive, you will need to contact Evri directly.

The carrier has a very helpful live chat option that can be accessed here. Ensure that you select the option for international deliveries. It is the third option on the page, labeled “international order help“.

Final Words

Overall, the “Received at International Hub” status alert tells you that your Evri (Hermes) delivery has reached the destination country.

It is inside the main international hub at the import location. From here it will need to be sorted for onward dispatch towards the recipient’s address.

With any luck, delivery should take place in just a few days.

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