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“Grouped at Landmark Facility” Landmark Global Tracking

You’re expecting a delivery from Landmark Global and have received a “Grouped at Landmark Facility” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and how long will it take to be delivered?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Grouped at Landmark Facility

The “Grouped at Landmark Facility” status update means that the shipment is inside a Landmark Global facility and has been grouped with other consignments ready to be dispatched onto a truck for the next stage of the delivery process.

Grouped at Landmark Facility – Guide

Grouped at Landmark Facility

This alert is quite self-explanatory when you dig into its component parts. 

Landmark Global is the facility responsible for this stage of the shipping process and the package is currently inside one of its facilities.

The sorting process has already taken place, and the shipment has been grouped together with other items heading for the same location.

The next step will be for the grouped consignment to be loaded onto the next mode of transport for shipment.

However, if this is an International shipment, and the facility in question is the last step before cross-border transit takes place, the next update could be “Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub” signifying that clearance has taken place.

Tracking Stuck atGrouped at Landmark Facility”

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Sometimes, the tracking can be stuck on this update for a few days. 

This is because if international transit is required, (USA into Canada for example) the grouped consignment will be subject to customs clearance.

During this process Landmark Global will not have control of your shipment, customs have it.

There will be no scans while clearance takes place and if customs is experiencing a backlog, your package will be held-up with no further updates occurring.

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Another reason for a delay is that Landmark Global is by all accounts an economy carrier, (that’s why eCommerce vendors choose to use them, it cuts down on costs).

The trade-off results in lackluster shipping speeds; especially around the time of the holidays, which we are currently approaching as I write.

Essentially, if your package is held up at the “Grouped at Landmark Facility” stage, and doesn’t move for 3 or 4 days, do not be surprised.

Landmark Global can be contacted here if you choose to make inquiries.

If the delivery time is longer than expected, you should also contact the seller too.

Final Words

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Overall, in normal circumstances, the “Grouped at Landmark Facility” is nothing to be concerned about.

The package has been sorted in the current facility and is about to leave in a grouped consignment to the next location in the delivery network.

However, if delays occur beyond a reasonable time frame (i.e 3 or 4 business days), you should contact Landmark Global and/or the seller for more details on the hold-up.

If you are reading this before Christmas, good luck, I hope your package turns up on time.

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