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FedEx Stuck on “Label Created” – Why it Happens & Solution

A FedEx stuck on “Label Created” situation is annoying for both the sender and receiver.

If you’re the receiver you begin to wonder if the item has even been shipped. If you’re the sender and you have successfully handed the package over to FedEx, you’re wondering why there have been no further updates.

Today, we are going to look into what a FedEx package gets stuck on “Label Created” and what you can do about it.

Why is FedEx stuck on “Label Created”?

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To explain why the FedEx package is stuck on “Label Created”, let’s quickly look at the process taking place here.

When a shipper creates a FedEx order and labels from home via the internet (or a business with the means to create FedEx shipping labels in-house), the FedEx tracking system is automatically made aware that a shipping label has been created.

In other words, the creation of a label coincides with the creation of a tracking number associated with the shipment.

HOWEVER, the next tracking update will not take place until the package is physically within the FedEx delivery infrastructure. 

This will take place either when the shipper hands the item over to a FedEx driver (via an organized pickup) or drops the package off at an applicable FedEx outlet, or partner.

The Two Main Reasons FedEx is Stuck on “Label Created”

FedEx stuck on “Label Created”

With this in mind, there are two scenarios that cause your package to be stuck on “Label Created”:

  • The shipper has yet to hand the package over to FedEx, so it has not been physically scanned and the tracking updated.
  • The shipper has handed the package over to FedEx and an initial scan was missed or delayed.

For all FedEx attempts at efficiency, the most common issue causing a FedEx stuck on “Label Created” situation is a missed scan.

This means that the package is actually on its way to you, but has yet to be scanned for tracking update purposes.

What to do when a FedEx package is Stuck on “Label Created”?

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If your package has been stuck on the label created update for only one or two days, we recommend that you remain patient.

As stated, if there is a delay in the first scan (the item may have been left in a dropbox for instance, and wasn’t immediately picked up by FedEx), or the initial scan was missed, it will naturally take a few days for the tracking to update.

During that time everything is working as it should, and you will be wasting your time contacting FedEx or the shipper.


If several days pass and there seems to be no progress, your first port of call should be contacting the shipper.

This way you can get confirmation that the package was dispatched to FedEx in a timely manner and that the problem lies with the carrier.

You can then ask that the shipper looks into the situation by contacting FedEx customer services.

Conversely, the shipper may explain that they were delayed in handing over the package and this is the reason the update has stuck around so long.

In this scenario, you should wait a little longer for a new update.

Final Words

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Essentially, a FedEx package being stuck on “Label Created” is not uncommon.

Packages regularly enter the FedEx delivery infrastructure with a missed initial scan.

This causes the item to be stuck on the label created update until further on the shipment journey. During this time, the shipment can be progressing as normal.

However, if several days pass and you receive no new updates, your first step should be to contact the shipper.

They in turn can take up the situation with FedEx to see what has happened.

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