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FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending – A Complete Guide

So you receive a status update from FedEx on a shipment and it says: “Scheduled Delivery Pending”.

What does this mean? Is there anything you can do about it? And how long will it take for your shipment to arrive? These are all questions you might ask.

Well, today we are going to deep dive into this so you have a clear idea of what scheduled delivery pending is all about.

First, for those in a rush, the too long didn’t read response…

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Summary: FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

When you receive a “scheduled delivery pending” status it means that the original FedEx delivery commitment has been changed, i.e there has been a delay.mIt is a status update that FedEx uses to notify you of the delay while also reassuring you that they are doing all they can to deliver the package ASAP.

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending in Detail

So the delivery of your package has been delayed and the status is pending. Is there anything you can do to help get things back on track?

Should you call FedEx Customer Services?

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This is entirely up to you. In some cases, they may be able to give you a specific answer on why the package has been delayed, and provide an update on the potential delivery date.

However, in my experience when I have contacted FedEx customer services about this issue I basically get a scripted response.

They are doing everything they can to deliver your package as soon as possible, and mitigate the delay.

They will suggest that you can track your package for updates.

The representative will also point you toward the FedEx Delivery Manager so that you can access up-to-date information regarding delivery.

In other words, depending on how long it took you to get a customer services representative on the phone, it will probably be a waste of time.

If however, the status remains for more than a day, you will have good reason to chase FedEx for an explanation.

Reasons Your Package is Scheduled Delivery Pending

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There are a number of reasons that your package has been scheduled for delivery pending:

  • General logistical issues in transit such as flight or vehicle delay.
  • Adverse weather conditions may also impact the speed of delivery, causing delays
  • It is has made it to the local depot but has yet to be scanned ready for dispatch.
  • Covid disruption on logistical transit routes. This has impacted international shipping for the length of the pandemic.
  • Holidays and staffing issues (again covid) have also caused delays.

It is important to remember that the FedEx tracking system is automated. The delivery date is related to the service you have used (i.e express, overnight, etc) for your package.

When the package delivery time looks as if it will be longer than that offered by the service that has been used, the system will automatically create the scheduled delivery pending.

Often time, the delay will be marginal but the status has been created all the same. 

Is FedEx’s Scheduled Delivery Time Accurate?

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This leads to the question of accuracy. When the status is created is it accurate?

The answer is a resounding yes. The FedEx system is built on data from millions of letters and packages flowing from source to destination every day.

During transit, packages are scanned throughout the process of delivery.

Depending on where it is at any point of time within its journey, the system can accurately predict its progress in line with the scheduled delivery time. 

If the package falls outside of certain time parameters between scans, a delivery pending status will be attached.

There is one caveat to this, however, and it happens toward the end of the journey.

Once the package has left the depot and been despatched for final delivery, it is very much in the hands of the courier driver.

The route that they take, traffic, and if there are any breakdowns will impact the time of delivery that day.

If they do not finish their rounds, you might even wait until the following day. This of course will cause your package to be late.

Where is Your Package When it’s Scheduled Delivery Pending?


This really depends on where along the package journey the disruption has been caused.

Looking at the list of causes above, international shipments with flight delays and/or covid complications could impact the package near the source.

Depot delays or adverse weather conditions can happen anywhere.

The best way of ascertaining where your package might be held up is to use the Tracking Number on the FedEx website.

This will show you where the last scan took place, and where the package is currently.

How to use Tracking Tools for FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are regularly updated on the status of your FedEx package.

FedEx Mobile App & Text Options

Installing the FedEx mobile app on your phone is a good one. This means you can check in to see what is happening.

It will also provide you with push notifications when the status changes.

With the app installed, just enter your shipping number and enjoy real-time updates.

For those that like test messages you can text your tracking number along with the message “follow” to 48773.

Another method is to call 1.800.463.3339 and select the “track package” option.

FedEx Delivery Manager

The FedEx help page on Scheduled Delivery Pending recommends that you use the FedEx Delivery Manager to keep up-to-date on your package.

The service allows you to check your upcoming deliveries, and even change the recipient’s address. You can also reschedule the delivery, and importantly check the status of the package.

The service is free and has a number of other options so is well worth a look.

Final Words


So essentially, when you receive a Scheduled Delivery Pending status, there is no reason to worry.

It means that FedEx is doing its best to get the package to you on time, but as it stands there has been a delay.

The best course of action is to keep up-to-date with package delivery time using the FedEx phone app and/or Delivery Manager.

If the status remains for more than a day, you should call customer services for an explanation and the whereabouts of your package.

4 thoughts on “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending – A Complete Guide”

  1. Ou package was pending as of today shipped via Fed ex ground with Tracking Number:770760291250
    2022-12-13 12:33 PM, hoping to deliver to our customer or return to us if the label was gone or cannot scan properly it cost $968 for that 1 box. I appreciate your kind help to investigate it.

  2. So basically, “pending” means “f*ck you, customer, you’re not going to get your package today as the FedEx site told you”. Gotta love the bull sh*t lingo. Why even give the bull sh*t delivery date if you’re not going to deliver on the date. I’m sure many people have wasted their time waiting for their package, because Fedex claimed it would be delivered on a specific date. Why don’t these a**holes get it. It’s so simple to keep customers happy, just give us the actual date that a package will be delivered.

  3. Or it means that your package (which was- according to tracking- in your home state and less than 150 miles away the day before scheduled delivery) has suddenly veered off to another part of the country and is now over 1000 miles away in Michigan. Of course it’s going to take several days to get it back to the state you live in, delivery is now delayed by 4 days, and… you have no recourse. How does this happen (not infrequently, at least in my experience) in a company with the famed logistics of FedEx?


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