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FedEx Delivered to Wrong Address – A Complete Guide

FedEx delivered to the wrong address

FedEx delivered to the wrong address is an inconvenience, to say the least. There are a few forms this situation can take too.

It could be that FedEx has delivered your package to the wrong address. Alternatively, you may have received someone else’s package by mistake.

Another scenario has the package tracking status delivered to your address, yet is nowhere to be seen.

All of the above can be frustrating and will require a little action on your part.

And that’s exactly what we will look at today. Let’s get started.

What to do if FedEx has delivered YOUR package to the wrong address

In this situation, your package has been delivered and when you look at the tracking details it has ended up at the wrong address.

Assuming the address isn’t your neighbor where you can retrieve the package, you will have to contact the FedEx helpline number. (call: 800 33339)

Have your package detail and tracking number to hand for this call

You will eventually be patched through to a local representative. This person will be able to make direct contact with the driver involved with your delivery.

This will normally rectify the situation. The driver will retrieve the package and make a correct delivery to your address.

They may also pass the number of the driver to you, so you can liaise directly in order to receive your package.

But the package has now gone missing!

If your discussion with FedEx and/or the delivery driver does not solve the issue you will have further steps to take.

One will be to contact the shipper (in many cases this could be an online store you purchased a product from), to notify them of the misdelivery and missing package.

This preempts the situation where you might have to have a replacement sent to you. It will also enable the original shipper to take their own steps with the carrier.

Alongside this, you may want to start the process of making a claim for compensation through FedEx. More on this below, however.

What to do if a package was delivered to your address, but you never received it?

FedEx wrong address 2

This could happen in situations where no signature is required upon delivery.

The FedEx driver may well have attempted delivery at your address and if no one came to the door, has placed it somewhere nearby.

Drivers can place packages inside a plastic bag and leave them on the back porch or by a side door (to prevent potential porch theft), and you haven’t seen it.

The important situation here is to check possible places the driver may have left your package before calling FedEx.

This will save you the time and energy of making contact with the driver only to find it’s already in your yard.

I’ve searched and the package is not there!

In that case, you will have to follow the same instructions given above. First, call FedEx so the driver can be contacted for more information on the package delivery.

If it was successfully delivered to your address but has now disappeared, (porch theft is the most likely candidate), you will have to begin looking at your options around making a claim.

What to do if FedEx delivered a package to your address by mistake?

FedEx wrong address 4

A 3rd scenario that fits into FedEx Delivering to the wrong address is a package meant for an alternative address, ending up at your door.

There are two options here. If you know the person that the package should be delivered to (a neighbor in your apartment block or someone along the street), you could hand-deliver yourself.

If this is not an option, you will need to call the FedEx helpline number and report the issue.

A FedEx driver will be arranged to collect the package for correct delivery, and you will be free to get on with your life.

FedEx and Lost or Stolen Packages – What are your options?

FedEx wrong address 5

In the scenarios described, there are situations where the package could end up lost or stolen.

What are your rights with FedEx when this happens? Let’s take a look.

Will FedEx refund packages lost or stolen before delivery?

If after making a claim the evidence points to the package being lost or stolen before successful delivery, FedEx will reimburse the party involved.

Ultimately, it is important that you contact FedEx as soon as it looks like your package has been lost or stolen. You should also keep copies of any messages or any evidence that you have regarding the shipment in question.

Will FedEx refund lost or stolen packages after delivery?

If the package does not need to be signed for and FedEx can prove via GPS tracking that it was left at the correct address, there will be no refund.

Even if it is left on your porch and goes missing, FedEx will not be responsible as the package will be deemed successfully delivered.

Will FedEx refund lost or stolen packages if delivered to the wrong address?

If FedEx “successfully” delivers to the wrong address and the package goes missing, you will have every right to make a claim.

For signature-released items delivered to the wrong address, it is more of a grey area.

It could have been delivered to your neighbor. If the signature tracks back to them there will be inquiries as to why the whereabouts of the package. Why is it now missing?

If a random signature was given that cannot be tracked you will have more chance of making a successful claim.

How To File A Claim With FedEx

fedex shipping

You can file a claim with all the main FedEx services; FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight.

Furthermore, claims can be made on both shipments within the US, and from the US to other countries. Incoming shipments from Canada to the US can also be claimed when things go wrong.

cropped SITE ICON

A Complete Step by Step Guide to making a FedEx Claim:

Step 1: Visit the FedEx Claim site here.

Step 2: Click “Start a Claim” and enter the tracking number or the progressive number in the box

Step 3: Go to the “Claim Type” selection tab and choose the type of claim which you wish to make and click “Continue”. 

Step 4: A page will open with details and current information about your package.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of this page until you reach the “Claim Details” section.

Step 6: Fill out all the required details of your shipment in this space.

Step 7: If you have any photos or documents to prove the package’s value scan or take a picture and enter them here. The more supporting documentation you have the better.

Step 8: Check through all the details you have entered for the claim. Once you are happy, click “Continue”.

Step 9: Now enter all your current name, address, and contact details in the boxes provided. Select whether you are the receiver or the shipper, and click “Continue”.

Step 10: On the final review page, go through one more time to check the information you have provided and then hit the “Submit” button.

That’s it! Well done, your claim has been made. Now it is a short waiting game while FedEx reviews the claim.

How to Avoid Packages being delivered to the wrong address

No one wants to go through the hassle of what we have been discussing above.

There are a few ways you can help prevent FedEx from delivering to the wrong address.

Double-check your address when ordering

The first is to double-check your address when making any orders online. A type when writing the number of your home can easily send your package to the wrong place.

Also, if you have recently moved or you are using an old account with an online store, the address details might be wrong. Make sure these have been updated.

Fill in delivery instructions

If you live in a busy metropolitan area, (a big block of apartments for example), accurate delivery might be difficult for a courier driver.

Make it easier for them by leaving special delivery instructions when making your order or via FedEx.

Extra details can go a long way when it comes to ensuring the successful delivery of your packages.

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