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Fake China Post Tracking Number – What to Do?

You’ve made an order on AliExpress (or a similar Chinese-based eCommerce platform) and China Post is in charge of shipping.

However, you are now suspecting that the China Post tracking number you have been given is fake.

Does this happen and what should you do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Fake China Post Tracking Number

China Post does not issue fake tracking numbers. However, scam sellers on Chinese eCommerce platforms will send you a fake number in order to make you believe that an order has been shipped. If you suspect this to be the case you will need to open a dispute with the platform you ordered the item from.

Fake China Post Tracking Number – Guide

The first thing you need to do in a situation where you think that the tracking number is fake is to ascertain if it really is.

The first step is to place the number into the ChinaPost tracking page and see if a “No Shipping Record” alert is shown.

This essentially means that the number does not exist within the tracking database.

However, this still doesn’t mean that the number is fake and has been given to you under false pretenses.

Reasons China Post Tracking is Showing “No Shipping Record”

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Before concluding that the number is fake you should consider the following possibilities.

1. Number Entered Incorrectly

First, you need to double-check that you have entered the correct number.

Ensure that you have cut and pasted the entire tracking number without leaving off any digits. 

Likewise, check that the number placed on the China Post tracking page matches exactly the one the seller has given you.

2. Number not for China Post

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There is also the chance that you are entering a non-China Post number into the tracking page. A number of carriers are used to ship orders out of China.

If some confusion has occurred (either by you or the seller) and the tracking number has been incorrectly associated with China Post, you will get the “No Shipping Record” alert.

China Post tracking numbers are 13 digits long and end with CN. You can check the various format of China Tracking numbers here.

If the number is indeed for a different carrier, you can check for updates on a universal tracking service such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

3. The Package is Still with the Seller

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Sometimes, you may receive a “No Shipping Record” because the package is still with the sender and China Post has not scanned it into the delivery network yet.

When a seller makes an order for a shipment China Post will create a tracking number so that it can be assigned to the parcel.

However, it does take time for a seller to hand over the package to the carrier.

If you are checking the tracking before the handover to China Post has taken place, you will see no new updates and will start to think that the number is fake.

In this situation, you need to give the seller time, and if more than 48hrs pass, chase them as to when the item will be dispatched.

4. The Tracking Number is Fake

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If none of the above apply and you contact the seller regarding the shipment and only receive excuses (or even silence) in response, there is a good chance that you have encountered a scam seller that has issued you with a fake China Post tracking number.

Hopefully, you have purchased the order via an eCommerce platform such as AliExpress, where you will be covered in the event of non-delivery.

Whatever platform you have used you will need to open a dispute with details of the order within a set amount of time, (AliExpress is 60 days).

How to Spot a Fake Tracking Number

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With China Post, you can spot a number that hasn’t been issued by the carrier if it has less or more than 13 digits and does not end in CN.

If this is the case, you either have a number for a different carrier or the seller has simply made a number up.

China Post tracking number formats can be viewed here.

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