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Does FedEx Xray Packages? A Short Guide

Does FedEx Xray Packages? That’s a valid question you might have for all sorts of reasons. 

Let’s take a look.

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Summary: Does FedEx Xray Packages? 

  • FedEx does not x-ray all packages. To do so would be very expensive and time-consuming.
  • FedEx may x-ray suspicious-looking packages or packages on a random basis at some facilities.
  • FedEx does not disclose its security practices in order to prevent customers from circumventing those practices.
  • Some countries require all packages to be x-rayed as part of the customs clearance process.

X-Rays & FedEx

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With millions of packages flowing through the FedEx delivery infrastructure every day, to assume that every item is x-rayed is beyond what the system is capable of.

It would delay the enterprise considerably and the expense would be profound.

That being said, FedEx does have the technology in place to perform randomized x-rays, as well as select packages that seem suspicious for further inspection.

As noted above, FedEx keeps a tight lid on the security practices within its facilities.

This makes sense in that the more information the general public has about security protocols, the easier it is for them to be circumvented.

Customer privacy, company standards, and of course industry regulations all play a part in the level of security FedEx undertakes.

Furthermore, it is completely legal for FedEx staff to open packages to check contents should the need arise.

X-Rays & FedEx Customs Clearance

Does FedEx Xray Packages

Although the security procedures involved during customs clearance are beyond the scope of this article, it is important to realize that the chances of your international package being x-rayed are far greater than that of a domestic shipment.

FedEx may perform an x-ray on an international package in preparation for the customs process.

In some jurisdictions, the customs staff will also perform an x-ray on every shipment.

Essentially, if you are dealing with an international package you should assume that the contents of the shipment will be x-rayed.

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