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What does “Dispatched from Sorting Center” mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve ordered an item from AliExpress and you have received a “Dispatched from Sorting Center” tracking update.

What does this mean? How long should my package be stuck on this update and where does it go next?

Let’s take a look…

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“Dispatched from Sorting Center” – Meaning

The “Dispatched from Sorting Center” tracking update means that your package has left the main sorting facility of the carrier in China and is being prepared for overseas transit.

Next steps after “Dispatched from Sorting Center”

The next steps after a “Dispatched from Sorting Center” update are customs clearance and export from China via sea-bound transit or air, (depending on the shipment service used by the seller).

How long will my tracking be stuck on the “Dispatched from Sorting Center” update?

Dispatched from Sorting Center

How long your package remains on “Dispatched from Sorting Center” will vary greatly. 

For example, some of the economy shipping services used by AliExpress sellers will go via ship and will not necessarily be tracked past export out of China.

If your package is not scanned after customs you can feasibly have your package stuck on this update until it reaches the destination country, (i.e your home country) and is in the hands of your local carrier.

In other words, the “Dispatched from Sorting Center” update could be the last one you see for weeks.

Other shipping situations with air travel and more detailed tracking could see your package updated within days.

In this case, a scan at the departing export facility in China or destination entry point in your home country will provide you with information on your package progress.

What to do if your package is stuck on “Dispatched from Sorting Center”?

If your package remains stuck on “Dispatched from Sorting Center” for more than a few days (air transit) or several weeks (sea-bound transit) we recommended that you contact the seller.

You should confirm which shipping process was used, and alter expectations accordingly. 

If it looks like there has been a legitimate issue with the shipment, the seller should make inquiries with the carrier service to see what has happened.

In situations where you are finding it difficult to get satisfactory answers from the seller, you should begin looking into the dispute process with AliExpress.

All AliExpress items sold come with a 60-day Buyer Protection period. As long as you open a dispute for non-receipt of an item within that time frame you will be able to claim a refund or request that the item is sent again.

That being said, contacting the seller direct should be the first step if your package is stuck on “Dispatched from Sorting Center” for an unreasonable amount of time and you suspect a problem has occurred.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Dispatched from Sorting Center” tracking update is a standard alert that informs you that your package is on the next leg of its journey to you.

In this case, it has left the carrier facility in China and is on its way to the export location, (air or seaport). After customs clearance, it will be in transit towards the destination country.

It can take anything from a few days to several weeks before you receive another update. This is dependent on the shipping service speed and the level of tracking accompanying it.

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