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DHL: Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address

You’re expecting (or have sent) a delivery via DHL and have received a “Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address

This update from DHL means that a delivery attempt was made but there was no one at the recipient’s address responded in order to receive the package. A DHL Calling Card should have been left at the address with details of the next steps.

Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address – Guide


You may have reached this article because you have received this alert and know that you (or someone else) were at the address all along.

In fact, you are currently doubting that the DHL driver even reached the address and feel that the update was sent as a cover-up.

Well, firstly, this very rarely happens.

It is not in the best interest of any carrier to say that they attempted delivery when they didn’t.

Furthermore, any employee caught doing so would be severely reprimanded and wouldn’t last too long on the job if they were to create false updates regularly.

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The most likely outcome, if you see the “Delivery, Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address” update, is that you didn’t hear the knock or bell at the time the delivery attempt was made.

Only on rare occasions would a driver trigger the update when they haven’t actually reached the door of the address.

Even then, it is likely that the scan was made in error, rather than the operator being deceitful.

So, with that out of the way, what should you do after receiving this update?

DHL Calling Card

DHL Calling Card Guide
DHL Calling Card Guide

The item that you need to look out for after a “Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address” is the DHL calling card.

This will provide details of when the delivery attempt was made, and information on any redelivery attempts (or whom to contact to arrange one), and where the item might have been left for you to collect.

This will normally be posted in your letter box or mailbox; however, sometimes DHL will leave these cards with a neighbor.

Essentially, with the yellow calling card, you have everything you need to retrieve your package or have it delivered as soon as possible.

Also, the calling card will contain a number that you can use online to manage the next delivery attempts of your item.

But no Calling Card was Left

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This is where things can get problematic (and lead people to believe that DHL never arrived at the address in the first place).

You’ve received the “Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address” alert but cannot find any DHL calling card.

First, ensure that you have looked around the property as well as your mailbox, etc.

The driver may have left it wedged under a plant pot or item on the porch if for whatever reason the mailbox couldn’t be reached, (inept DHL driver behavior can be attributed here if they were too casual in their efforts to leave the calling card in a safe place).

As already mentioned, the calling card might even have been left with a neighbor.

Not the most helpful approach I would agree, but it does happen.

Finally, if you do not find any sign of the DHL calling card, you will have no choice but to contact customer services with your tracking number to find out more.

Whatever the driver stated on the calling card, should also be noted in the delivery database, so the whereabouts and/or next steps in relation to your package will be known.

Final Words

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Receiving a “Delivery Attempted but no Response at Consignee Address” update can be frustrating, especially when you know that you were in all along.

That being said, this is now the situation you are dealing with.

First, you need to locate the DHL calling card so that you know where your package is and what you can do about it.

If this cannot be found, you will need to contact DHL and make further arrangements over the phone or via email.

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