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Canada Post “Check Delivery Progress” – Tracking Guide

You’re expecting a package through Canada Post and have received a “Check Delivery Progress” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? What happened to your parcel when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Canada Post “Check Delivery Progress”

According to Canada Post, “Check Delivery Progress” means that delivery of the package has been interrupted for what could be a number of reasons. The alert is a prompt for you to check further details of the delivery in case steps need to be taken.

Canada Post: Check Delivery Progress – Guide

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While the summary above may seem quite vague, this is because the update itself is also vague and can be used by Canada Post in multiple scenarios.

One universal aspect of the “Check Delivery Progress” status alert is that if you are seeing a progress bar with an arrow at the end, this means that your package has been returned to the sender.

In this outcome, the progress bar will no longer track the delivery of the returned package.

However, updates will still appear below the bar, notifying parties of where the package is on its return delivery.

Admittedly, a return to sender is the worst-case scenario, (unless of course this has been arranged by the sender or recipient).

Main Reasons You are Seeing the “Check Delivery Progress” Update

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Going back to the umbrella explanation of this update; the delivery of the package has been interrupted.

So why might this have happened?

The main reasons include the item going through customs and an issue may occur requiring action, (this will only happen on international shipments of course).

In the screenshot example below we can see that the “Check Delivery Progress” update was sent as Canada Post was requesting that the recipient select a delivery preference in case they are not in to sign for the package.

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This is an important note to make. In a lot of cases, Canada Post will include additional information below the Delivery Progress Bar with details of why delivery is or will potentially be interrupted.

By following these steps you can ensure the smooth progress of your shipment.

Other examples where this update may be used include package rerouting, changes to delivery instructions, and potential logistical delays on the part of Canada Post.

What to do When you Receive a “Check Delivery Progress” Update?

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Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the first step is to do just that… check the delivery tracking page to see if any details have been provided. 

If they haven’t you will need to keep an eye on the progress bar and tracking page for any future updates.

Sometimes, when no information is provided, you can end up waiting it out and the package is delivered without any steps needing to be taken on your behalf.

However, this wait-and-see approach is not always practical. 

If need be you may have to contact Canada Post to question why you have been sent the update in the first place.

Overall though, the best advice is to be aware of any changes to the progress bar and takes any action if prompted.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Check Delivery Progress” is not usually anything to be concerned about.

It is merely Canada Post’s umbrella term used if a potential deviation might be occurring to the shipment’s progress.

If any steps are required on the part of either the sender or recipient, details are normally provided.

Where they are not, you should wait to see if progress resumes, and if need be contact Canada Post for more details.

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