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Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp – How Useful is it?

You’ve ordered a package that is being sent via Buffalo Logistics and you’re wondering what has happened to it.

While there are various ways that you can reach a carrier such as Buffalo, is it worth using the WhatsApp contact number?

Let’s take a look…

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Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp Details:

You can contact Buffalo on WhatsApp using the +2781388657 number.

However, this is the contact number for the main South Africa office. You will not reach the China office using these details.

Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp – Is it any Good?


The last time I used the Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp number, I used the text chat option and received a reply within an hour.

That’s pretty good in my book.

However, I wasn’t by my phone to receive it straight away, so was not able to pursue an immediate chat.

This led to a slightly disrupted back and forth, with a delay between messages.

In hindsight, I should have just used the number to make a voice call.

That being said, there is no telling if anyone would have answered there and then.

email sign over keyboard
I actually prefer email inquiries

I happen to be slightly “old school”, and prefer to write out any issues I have in an email (Buffalo’s email address is

Albeit the response time is normally slower, I find it easier to send the various details of the shipment (address, tracking number, etc) via my laptop and using email.

You may be different and a WhatsApp text message works for you.

Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp Calls

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As I mentioned, I did not make a call using the Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp number, however, the option is clearly available.

This is especially useful if you do not live in South Africa but need to contact the office based there. 

You are simply saving on international phone call costs by using WhatsApp.

That being said, there are office numbers that you can call instead, and they are as follows:

Buffalo Logistics South Africa Office

  • +2 787 095 3451
  • +2 710 593 4710

Buffalo Logistics China Office

  • +86-400-921-9066
  • +861 868 205 1740

Overall, it is helpful that Buffalo has made a WhatsApp number available to customers. If this is a method of communication that you prefer, you would be a fool not to use it.

Whatever your issue is with your shipment, I hope it can be resolved soon. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Buffalo Logistics WhatsApp – How Useful is it?”

    • I received email from Buffalo said they can’t track my parcel it’s been lost I need to tell the supplier about it to refund the money or resend it again the car for delivery was hijacked I didn’t receive my parcel

        • I received a text saying my order is our for delivery to my surprise no one called me that they are outside but now it’s says they didn’t get anyone at my place how so

          • Hi, yes that sounds frustrating. Was a delivery attempt note left at your address or do you have details in your tracking? Either Buffalo will attempt delivery again, or you will need to contact customer services to make arrangements.

      • 3it has been a frustrating 3 days ,they return my parcel to the warehouse yet they didn’t even pitch at the address i gave them .My parcel is still there if you people open tomorrow i can go and collect my order

  1. i ordered on the 26 of october my order took more than 13 days then the next thing it says it was delivered on the 12 of november and it was sunday on that day as there are no deliveries on sunday .now i can’t find my package

  2. my personal experience with Buffalo is extremely bad, I’ve been waiting for my order which was supposed to be delivered on the 13th December , It showed its out for delivery then back to the depot. until now haven’t received it all I’m getting is lies lies lies

  3. Yesterday i received a message that my delivery is out to be delivered to me but i did not receive any call and was at home and now they sent a message that no one was at home. please what is going on

  4. BUFZA6020356109YQ I have been trying the whole day if I can collect my parcels at the Cape Town distribution center as it is stated on the website that collection is possible. I urgently need my products which arrived yesterday morning 8.30am. thanks

    • How did you go with this? Did you manage to get through to Buffalo and retrieve your package? There is little I can do in this situation as Mailbox Master is not affilaited with Buffalo in any way. I hope you were able to pick up your parcel in time all the same.

  5. BUFZA6030436626YQ
    Yesterday I receive a message saying I should correct my address, I’ve try updating the address with the link I’ve got but no success pls help

  6. Buffalo Buffalo is full of shit. They don’t care about their customers. I am tired of looking and asking where is my parcel.
    Does anyone know who is the Owner? I wanna Deadshot him. 💀


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