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Buffalo Logistics Shein Contact Number – Guide

You’ve made an order from Shein and Buffalo Logistics is responsible for the shipping.

However, after a few weeks, there is no sign of your package.

Who do you contact when things go wrong? Shein or Buffalo? What is the contact number?

Let’s take a look…

Buffalo Logistics Shein Contact Numbers

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Buffalo Logistics does not have a specific number for Shein shipments, however, there is a China-based office as well as customer services based in South Africa,

If you are experiencing a problem with a Shein order, and you are calling from South Africa, it makes sense to start with the customer services department there.

Buffalo Logistics Shein Contact Number – South Africa

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  • +2 787 095 3451
  • +2 710 593 4710

Address: South Africa Office

Unit 3 106 Loper Avenue, Spartan X2, Kempton Park, 1619. Johannesburg

Buffalo Logistics Shein Contact Number – China

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  • +86-400-921-9066
  • +861 868 205 1740

Address: South Africa Office

Buffalo International Logistics, Left side of floor 1, building 15, Asia Industrial Park, Shenzhen, Longgang 518100, China

Other Useful Contact Details

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Tracking Your Buffalo Logistics Shein Order

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If you are experiencing a delay with your Shein order, before going through the process of contacting Buffalo Logistics, it is a good idea to attempt other ways to track the progress of your package first.

You clearly have your Shein account page where you can track the package. However, if it is not updated here, it doesn’t mean that the shipment isn’t moving.

As we explained here, Shein tracking can be unreliable once a package leaves China.

The next step, (and one you have probably already taken), is to attempt to track the item via the Buffalo Logistics tracking page, (it can be found on the website homepage here).

Universal Tracking Apps


However, if you are still failing to see any updates, before calling any of the Buffalo Logistics Shein Contact Numbers listed above, I recommend that you use a universal tracking app first.

Free services such as 17Track and Parcelsapp, can often be a lot more reliable when it comes to tracking an item.

Buffalo states on the website that shipment tracking is supported by 17Track.

In other words, before contacting Buffalo you should check here first for updated information on your parcel.

9 thoughts on “Buffalo Logistics Shein Contact Number – Guide”

  1. I expect a parcel to day 07 October 2023 I got a massage the next few minutes I check my app the parcel turned back to wharehouse with out receiving any call I don’t know where is the wharehouse what can I do

  2. I’ve made spliced orders on the 2nd of November one is on its way but the other one it’s still in your warehouse..How that is even possible,my status is no longer moving when I tract it

  3. I made my order on the 5 of November but the status since on the 7 say the same thing which is shipped with no progress afterwards..I called buffalo but they don’t give me answer that am looking what should I do please help

    • Hi there, without a tracking number it is difficult to help you. Have you tried your tracking number with or Parcelsapp? You may see up to date details there. However, it is only just over two weeks since you made your order. If this is a Shein shipment, this wait time is quite normal.

  4. Good day
    why are Buffalo’s people not picking up the phone I need to hear about my package plz let me know because I also sent emails nothing joh why😠

  5. Good day Rob Anderson, This is the first time placing an order with Shein and seem to be one of the unfavourable experience. Buffalo people do not answer the phone instead it gets cut off. I have been tracking my parcel and the last status last night it showered out on delivery since the 12 December this morning status changed to failed delivery. How is that possible when I literally slept at 23:00 am monitoring the status. Service is so not on. They don’t even advance their reason for failed delivery. Is this the kind of service one should expect in the near future??


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