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Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received – Tracking Guide

You’ve ordered a package and received a “Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what should you do if it becomes stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received

The “Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received” status alert means that the shipment has arrived in South Africa and that Buffalo Post now has the item. This update is normally triggered after customs clearance is complete and the package is handed to Buffalo.

Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received – Guide

Airport Warehouse

Essentially, this is a positive update to receive.

You will only see it for packages arriving in South Africa, where Buffalo Post is responsible for completing the delivery to the destination address.

At this point, the shipment has arrived at an airport in South Africa, has passed the necessary customs clearance checks, and has now been passed over to Buffalo.

In other words, your package is inside a sorting facility at the airport and will be soon dispatched to a facility closer to the recipient.

Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received

Tracking Stuck on Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received

So, the chances are you have reached this article because your Buffalo package tracking is stuck on “Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received”.

This understandably causes frustration. What exactly is going on?

The trouble is, that although the shipment has cleared customs and is now with Buffalo, it is still inside a large warehouse in the airport complex.

Before it can be dispatched it has to be sorted and assigned a vehicle for delivery.

If you are unlucky, this can take several days. During this time you will not receive any new updates.

In fact, until your package leaves the airport warehouse you will not receive any indication of the shipment process.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck

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Because delays at the international sorting facility are relatively common, depending on the service speed of the delivery, I recommend that you wait at least 5 working days for the item to leave the warehouse (and for you to receive a new update).

If after this amount of time, you see no sign of progress you will need to contact Buffalo Post.

Customer services pages can be reached here. (Phone and Whatsapp details are provided, as well as an email contact form.)

Final Words

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Overall, the “Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received” is a good update to receive.

It means that the shipment has arrived in the destination country (ie South Africa), and after clearing customs has been handed over to Buffalo Post.

However, at this stage, it is still inside the airport sorting warehouse facility, so delivery can easily be several days away.

That being said, once it leaves the warehouse the next step is often transit to a facility in the region of the recipient and then final delivery.

17 thoughts on “Buffalo Airport Warehouse Received – Tracking Guide”

  1. Hey I ordered on shein and I get an email that they uses Baffalo to transfer my parcel but sad news from 19 of March till now I didn’t receive my parcel they sent emails saying it lost
    MY Question is that what about my money

    MY tracking number is BUFZA5030823520YQ

    • Hi there, I just checked your tracking number in 17Track and it states the following: “Your package was damaged. Please visit the carrier’s website BUFFALO for more info”. So I recommend you raise a ticket with Buffalo and start there.

  2. Hy i orderd from shein and they shipped my parcel 3 days after I placed an order. Buffalo is the 1 to deliver bt till today no delivery. And I need my parcel before Friday like tomorrow.

  3. Hello I also ordered from shein I was told my package is at buffalo I paid tax on Saturday but I have no date so I just really want to know when will I receive my parcel I really need a date because I’m panicking literally everyday please can you guys tell me when will I get it and if you need the tracking number to find out for me than I’ll send it please help me because I really need my parcel

  4. Good day sir

    This will be my second time ordering I ordered over R1000 to get my parcels delivered for free but now I received a suspicious email saying I should pay R854.13 for customs. please advise

    • If you believe that the email is suspicious, ensure that you do not click any link within that email. Instead contact the carrier directly via its website to speak to customer services to find out more on the status of the delivery and confirmation on whether customs fees are due. It is also worth contacting the sender too. Good luck.

  5. I’m starting to get worried I’ve heard so many stories about people’s package being lost or damaged and not refunded their money, my package has been stuck at wharehouse for more than a week now, and nobody is really helping with a clear answer.They keep in saying they will escalate me query everytime I call, I feel very discouraged and disappointed at their service.

  6. Hi just got an update today that my parcel has been received by BUFFALO Warehouse how much longer should i wait now it has been a month since i ordered on Fruugo

    • hey there….when I track my status it says my parcel has been received by buffalo warehouse so how long must o wait


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