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What Does “Awaiting Collection” Mean? Australia Post

You’re expecting a delivery from Australia Post and have received an “Awaiting Collection” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? When can you expect your mail item and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Awaiting Collection – Australia Post

The “Awaiting Collection” alert from Australia Post means that the mail item is at the post office and is awaiting collection from the recipient. They will have 10 days to collect the item before it is returned to the sender.

Guide: Awaiting Collection – Australia Post

Australia Post

This update from Australia Post is simple and straight to the point.

It means that the package has reached the end go its shipment journey and is now at the post office local to the destination address.

When the alert is sent out, the recipient will be able to visit their local post office to collect the package.

In other words, the item is “Awaiting Collection” by the recipient.

How Long Does Australia Post Hold Items for Collection?


Australia Post will hold mail items at the post office for 10 business days before it gets returned to the sender.

This generally means that from the first date the “Awaiting Collection” update is sent, the recipient has 9 further days in which to visit the post office to collect the package.

But I Didn’t Want the Parcel to Be Held at the Post Office

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If the post office pick-up was not requested, the reason your package is at the post office for collection is that Australia Post was unable to deliver the parcel to the destination address.

Reasons include no one being home to sign for or collect, problems with access, or even address details being missing or incorrect.

The recipient will have received a missed delivery notification in situations where the post office worker was able to reach the destination address, but no one was home.

What Should I Do After an “Awaiting Collection” Update?

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You or an authorized person to do so will need to visit the relevant post office to collect your item.

Australia Post has full details here of the ID that is required and what needs to be done if the recipient is unable to collect in person.

In short, however, a photographic ID of the recipient is enough if you are able to collect it in person.

Someone else living at the same address can pick up the parcel if they too have ID.

Someone who doesn’t live with the recipient will need special authority to collect. This is done by filling in a form.

Also, a person can be authorized via the ‘Let someone collect this parcel’ option within the Australia Post phone app. You will need a MyPost account to do this, however.

Final Words

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Overall, the “Awaiting Collection” alert means that the package is at the local post office to the recipient and that it is ready for collection.

The easiest way to collect is in person with your ID.

There are options for third parties to collect the item on your behalf though.

Make sure you make arrangements within 10 days of receiving the alert otherwise your parcel will be sent back to the sender.

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