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Australia Post’s, ShopMate Parcel Forwarding Service to End in Feb 2022

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This news story is relevant to our readers living in Australia. 

Whether you’re an Australian citizen or have relocated there for work, travel, or just because it is an extremely beautiful country, you may have come across the ShopMate parcel forwarding service run by Australia Post.

It has proved very popular in recent years as it has helped Australian-based shoppers buy items online from anywhere in the world, even if the vendor does not offer Australian delivery.

Much like any other parcel forwarding service, ShopMate works by using a US postal address, that is made available to customers. Ordered products are then sent to this address in order to satisfy the delivery requirements of the online store.

ShopMate then arranges for the delivery from this location to the customer’s Australian address. (For a small fee of course.) 

ShopMate, run by the government-owned Australia Post, has proved reliable and affordable.

The unfortunate news is that Australia Post has confirmed that the ShopMate parcel-forwarding service is to close on 25 February 2022.

Australia Post has an email contact address for customers that would like to find out more about the closure of the service:

There is also an FAQ page with details of the closure.

The support team will be available to answer questions up until 25 February 2022. From that point on, you will have to look elsewhere for your parcel forwarding needs.

Australia Post recommends VPost as an alternative. We here at Mailbox Master would also suggest you take a look at Shipito, for a reliable way of forwarding items ordered from U.S online retailers to Australia.

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