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What Does “At the Customers Local Depot” Mean? (Hermes / Evri Tracking)

You’ve recently ordered something online and you have received an “At the Customers Local Depot” tracking update.

While this is a status commonly used by Evri (formally Hermes) in the U.K, several carrier services do send out this alert.

So what does it mean? Who is the customer in this situation and is there anything you need to do when you see this update?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: At the Customer’s Local Depot

The “At the Customers Local Depot” tracking alert simply means that the package has arrived at the nearest facility (depot), to the delivery address. From here it will be sorted and loaded onto a truck for final delivery.

At the Customers Local Depot – Guide

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This tracking update is one of the more self-explanatory ones you can hope to get.

However, confusion can occur by the fact the customer is normally regarded as the sender. They are the ones with the contract with the carrier after all.

However, as the summary above explains, the customer in relation to the update is the recipient.

The local depot is just that, the facility closest to the recipient’s address.

How Far From Delivery After an “At the Customers Local Depot” Update?

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The good news is your package is close when you receive the “At the Customers Local Depot” update.

The fact that the shipment has made it to the closest sort facility to the delivery address is a clear indication of this.

The process inside the local depot involves the package being sorted so that it can be loaded onto an appropriate truck for delivery. 

For a local depot, this will take just a few hours and normally within a day.

The most important variable that will determine when you receive the package will be the business day (Hermes / Evri has only just started its weekend delivery in the UK) and whether the driver has already departed on the delivery round.

Either way, once you receive an “At the Customers Local Depot” tracking update, your package should be delivered within 24 to 48hrs.

Can I Pick up My Package From my Local Depot?

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After receiving the “At the Customers Local Depot” update, you might think it convenient to head to the facility address in person and collect the package from there.

Unfortunately, Hermes / Evri does not allow for pickup at a local depot if the shipment is an arranged courier delivery.

In other words, package collection at a Parcelshop or Delivery Depot has to be prearranged at the point of order.

In circumstances where you are not at home to receive the package, the Hermes / Evri driver that has your package on their manifest will attempt 3 separate deliveries over 3 days.

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You can also head to the Hermes Evri tracking page and make arrangements for a “diverted parcel” if you would like delivery to be made to a neighbor or alternative address.

Another bonus is if you know the Hermes delivery driver. My parents order a lot of items online with Hermes / Evri as the carrier responsible for delivery.

The usual driver (Dave) has their number, and if they are not in he’ll give them a bell to say that he has left it around the back.

Admittedly they live in a quiet street in a small U.K. town, but if you do have the same driver doing the delivery rounds in your area, it is definitely worth exchanging details.

My Tracking is Stuck on “At the Customer’s Local Depot”

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If your tracking status remains stuck on the “At the Customers Local Depot” for more than 2 days, the likelihood is that the local dept is experiencing a high volume of packages and this has caused a delay.

In any case, contacting Hermes / Evri with your address and tracking details is the first step.

The customer services live chat app can be found here. You can also find out more information within the Help Center.

A representative will be able to locate where your package is within the facility and (hopefully) get it moving again. At this stage, it is very unlikely to be lost.

It wouldn’t have gone out for delivery with the driver without any further scans and updates either.

Final Words

Essentially, the “At the Customers Local Depot” is a standard tracking alert used by Hermes / Evri that explains that the package is close to delivery.

It has reached the facility closest to the delivery location, and in normal circumstances, will be on a truck for final delivery within 24 to 48 hours.

If the tracking is stuck on the update for any longer than this, you should contact carrier customer services.

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  1. Trying to speak to a real person at Evri is a nightmare. I am trying to find a missing parcel H0067A0183934150 incident number 230625-002710.
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