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What Does “Arrived at Sorting Center” Mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve just received a tracking update from your latest AliExpress order and it states “Arrived at Sorting Center”.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this status alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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“Arrived at Sorting Center” – Meaning

An “Arrived at Sorting Center” status update means that your package has arrived at the carrier sorting center in China. This is where packages are consolidated into containers with shipments intended for the same destination.

How Long Will my Package be Stuck on the “Arrived at Sorting Center” Status?

Unfortunately, AliExpress standard delivery items can be stuck on the carrier sorting center stats for weeks.

There are a large number of variables at play here. For one, the stated AliExpress delivery time on Standard Shipments is 2 to 6 weeks.

The sorting center may be inundated with items causing delays in the consolidation process.

Furthermore, your package may be scheduled to go out on a container ship that is weeks into the future.

Add all of this to the fact there is still customs clearance and cargo loading to take place, (where you may or may not receive further updates) and you can end up seeing the “Arrived at Sorting Center” alert for a frustratingly long time.

Is There Anything I Should do When I See the “Arrived at Sorting Center” Alert?

Yes, be patient and wait. Your package is still in China and has a long way to go before it reaches you.

As veteran AliExpress customers often say in this subReddit, “Relax, stop looking at your tracking and only think about taking action when your 60-day Buyer’s Guarantee is close to running out”.

While this may sound flippant if you are currently worried about your shipment, it is true that AliExpress standard deliveries (and other types of delivery from China) can take weeks if they are shipped by boat.

Patience is a key feature when ordering items from the far east.

What is the AliExpress 60 Day Buyer’s Guarantee?

AliExpress 60 Day Buyer’s Guarantee

The 60-day period is where you can raise a dispute through AliExpress with the seller should your package not arrive.

The almost 2-month duration is an indication of how long an average order may take to be delivered to Europe or the Americas.

Essentially, if you suspect that something has happened to your shipment, you should contact the seller and ensure that any dispute is opened before your 60-day window expires.

I Ordered Premium Delivery and the Status is Stuck on “Arrived at Sorting Center”

AliExpress states that Premium deliveries should arrive between one and two weeks. They are much faster due to the fact they air sent by airfreight.

Clearly, if your status does not update for more than this time and you have not received your order, you will need to contact the seller.

Common delays are caused by customs clearance problems. There could have also been issues within the sorting center due to the nature of the shipment, any backlog, and staff shortages, (recent Covid developments in China have also had an impact).

Again, the 60-day Buyer’s Guarantee is valid for Premium AliExpress deliveries so you will also have the means to open a dispute should you need it.

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