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Arrive at Transit Country or District – AliExpress

You’re expecting an international delivery and have received an “Arrive at Transit Country or District” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what happens next?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Arrive at Transit Country or District

The “Arrive at Transit Country or District” status alert simply means that the shipment has arrived in a country other than the destination country. It is an intermediate country en route to the recipient’s address.

Arrive at Transit Country or District – Guide


The intermediate, transit country that the tracking update relates to can be seen as a stop-off along the route that the package is taking to get to its final destination.

Much like a long-haul passenger flight from Europe to Australia will touch down in a place such as Dubai or South Korea, with travelers needing to change planes; an international package over long distances will do the same.

This is especially common with items coming from the Far East (an online order via AliExpress for example).

Packages will stop at a transit country where they will be unloaded from one plane (or even cargo ship), and be loaded onto another in order to continue the journey.

Essentially, the “Arrive at Transit Country or District” means that the shipment has arrived at one of these places.

How Long Until Delivery After an “Arrive at Transit Country or District” Alert?

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It is actually very difficult to answer this question. 

There are a number of variables at play. Firstly, there is the simple issue of geography. Is this the only transit country your shipment will travel through?

A recent AliExpress package of mine first went from China to Singapore (transit country number one), before landing in Belgium (transit country number two), and then reaching the capital of the country where I live (Zagreb, Croatia).

This entire process took five weeks.

In the scheme of things, the “arrive at transit country or district” being triggered when the package reached Singapore, really was the early stages of the shipment.

But then I have been ordering online from China for years using different platforms. 

Long delivery times are expected, and in all honesty, 5 weeks was on the good end.

Essentially, I would say that you should ignore your tracking when it arrives at a transit country, and hope that it ends up moving again before long.

Tracking Stuck on “Arrive at Transit Country or District”

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This is connected to the previous section in that I recommend ignoring the tracking during the first few weeks of the shipment.

Not all carriers will be scanning your parcel anyway. 

It could easily reach the transit country and be well on its way to the destination country, but you will know nothing about it.

Two proactive steps that I can offer you if several weeks do go by with no further updates are:

Check the Tracking with a Universal App


Checking your tracking number with a free service such as 17Track or ParcelsApp will reveal any details of the package should it have been scanned by a different carrier.

In other words, the reason you haven’t seen any updates is that you have been looking in the wrong place.

With any luck, further alerts have been triggered and the shipment will be shown as making progress.

Be Aware of Your Buyer Gurantee Period

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If you really are not seeing any progress and several weeks if not over a month has passed with no sign of your order, you will understandably feel some frustration.

First, bear in mind that AliExpress standard shipments can take up to 45 business days to arrive. 

The buyer gurantee period is actually 60 days.

Essentially, you should keep an eye on this guarantee period. If your package hasn’t arrived as the gurantee draws to a close, ensure that you alert the seller and open a dispute with the platform where you bought the item.

You will be covered in the event the package doesn’t arrive.

Final Words

Overall, the “arrive at transit country or district” is a standard update used by a number of carriers. 

It means that your package has arrived at a transit country on the way to the final destination. 

Normally the “stopover” should only last a few days but don’t be surprised if it is much longer, or if you do not receive any updates stating that the package is moving.

This is very common for packages being sent from China where long delivery times should be expected.

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