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“Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” – Yun Express Tracking

You’ve ordered an item from China and you have received a “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Arrive at International Airport to Abroad

The “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” tracking update is used by Yun Express and means that the shipment has arrived at the international airport in China where it will be dispatched for overseas transit. This could be direct to the destination country or to an intermediate transit country.

Arrive at International Airport to Abroad – Guide

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Essentially, the “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” alert means that the package has finished its journey within China. It is now at the airport and being prepared for overseas transit.

Clearly, this is a positive update. Depending on the location of the seller (or the e-commerce platform you have purchased the item from, for they have warehouses all over China), your package could have already crisscrossed its way across China receiving origin scans before reaching the airport for shipment overseas.

However, as mentioned in the summary above, just because your package has arrived at the international airport for shipment abroad, doesn’t mean it is on its way directly to you.

A direct cargo flight from China, (often Shanghai or Beijing airport) to an airport in close proximity to the destination address is unlikely.

European AliExpress customers will see their package arrive in Liege, Belgium before it is placed onto another airplane or truck for dispatch toward their address.

Customers in the USA will see their shipment arrive at a USPS International Service Center (ISC) for customs checks before it is sorted and distributed toward the destination address.

Whatever way you look at it, the package still has a long way to go before you have it.

“Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” – What Happens Next?

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After your package has arrived at the international airport in China it will be subject to customs checks and then placed onto a cargo plane for transit abroad.

There is a two-pronged possibility for frustration here. One is the customs clearance process. If you are unlucky, your package could be held up in a warehouse behind a long queue of items waiting to be released from China.

The sender may also have omitted important details in the clearance paperwork, or maybe the item is prohibited. All of this will cause delays.

The other issue is the fact economy carriers such as Yun Express do not provide any tracking updates beyond the exit point out of China. Even then, they can be infrequent (even inaccurate) at best.

This fact has as caused many customers to complain about Yun Express, to the extent that they even think the tracking is fake.

All that aside, your package will go through the following steps after “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” and the likelihood of you receiving an alert to inform you of such, is slim.

Steps After “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad”

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  • Handed over to linehaul
  • Customs clearance in process
  • Customs clearance completed
  • Received by line-haul
  • Departed from airport of Origin

That last update, “Departed from airport of Origin” (if you receive it) will be the final alert you receive from Yun Express.

Your package has now been loaded onto an aircraft and has finally left China. Woo hoo, it is on its way.

What to do if the Package is Stuck on “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad”?

Yun Express

So, we’ve established that Yun express tracking is unreliable. What happens if your package is stuck on the “Arrive at International Airport to Abroad” status alert? What should you do?

1. Be patient

The first step is to accept the fact the tracking is poor and that your item could still be working its way through the customs process and may have even left the country of origin, (I.e China).

This tactic means you need to wait several business days if not a week in the hope that the carrier responsible for delivery in the destination country will soon have its hands on the item, and a new scan will reveal that all is okay.

Although this wait and “hope” scenario is hardly ideal, it does beat trying to get hold of Yun Express customer services at this stage. They will not be of any help.

2. Use a Universal Tracking App


One proactive step you can take is to punch in your tracking details into a universal tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

These are free services that will scan your code within the tracking systems of hundreds of carrier services.

If the line-haul operator, forwarding agent, or the carrier responsible for delivery in the destination country has scanned your shipment, there is a good chance the details will be revealed using one of these apps.

3. Contact the Seller / Sales Platform

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This action is best left until after you have waited several days and there has been no update whatsoever.

Yun Express air delivery should arrive within 14 to 30 days, so bear this in mind before you start making inquiries.

That being said, if it looks as if the package is stuck at customs, (which would prevent any new alerts) or has potentially gone missing, it is the seller and/or the platform where you purchased the item you will need to call upon.

The steps you take to do this will vary on the platform. AliExpress for example has a 60-day buyers guarantee period as well as a section within the customer dashboard where you can contact the seller and/or open a dispute.

Shein also has specific delivery time frames within which the customer is covered should the package not arrive, (the length of time is dependent on the destination). Wish too has details on its website.

Making contact with the platform and seller will start an investigation into where the package might be.

Reasons Your Package is Stuck

Arrive at International Airport to Abroad

How long have you got? The problem is, that shipping items from China via low-budget carriers such as Yun Express is potentially loaded with issues that will cause your package to be stuck.

Even when nothing is amiss, progress can be slow and as we have explored, scant on tracking information.

Whether it’s the weather, customs issues, or logistical issues as your package awaits loading onto an airplane, there is very little you can do about it.

This is why we encourage you to take the wait-and-be-patient route. As veteran customers of the likes of AliExpress state, “forget the tracking, expect to wait weeks, only come back to it closer to when your buyer gurantee runs out”.

Only then can expect any concrete actions from the powers that be, (the carrier, sender, or sales platform). If the package isn’t delivered you are entitled to a refund or a replacement.

The chances are it will arrive. Slower than you had hoped no doubt, but this comes with the territory when ordering from China.

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