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What Does “Arrival at Processing Center’ Mean?

You’re expecting a package that you have ordered from overseas and you have received an “Arrival at Processing Center” tracking update.

What does this mean? Is your package in the country or is there still a long way to go? What happens if your shipment is stuck on this status?

Let’s take a look…

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“Arrival at Processing Center” – Meaning

The “Arrival at Processing Center” status alert is used by many carriers when shipping international packages. The alert is normally triggered after the item has entered the destination country and before the customs clearance stage of the shipment.

Where is My Package When I Receive the “Arrival at Processing Center” Update?

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The processing center will be close to the location where the package entered the destination country.

This is normally attached to an airport, seaport, or international train depot.

The package will need to be scanned and cleared by customs before being dispatched to the carrier service responsible for onward transit.

Arrival at Processing Center

When will my Package Be Delivered After an “Arrival at Processing Center” Update?

This will depend on the customs clearance process and the speed of the delivery service ordered for the shipment.

For example, an expedited airmail service with an item that clears customs without any issues could be with the carrier within hours of landing.

The package could then be with you within 24-48hrs depending on your address in relation to the import location.

An AliExpress order arriving in the destination country by cargoship will take a lot longer, (up to a week to clear customs) before it is dispatched to the carrier for delivery.

These times are also assuming there are no delays at customs due to missing paperwork or the nature of the package contents.

What to do When the Package is Stuck on the “Arrival at Processing Center” Update?

Arrival at Processing Center

Unfortunately, if your package remains stuck on this update for an unreasonable amount of time (taking into account the shipment service used), a problem may have occurred during clearance.

The first step is to check available tracking details on a universal tracking website such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

These free services will scan a huge number of carriers (up to 900 in the case of 17Track). Sometimes this will reveal new updates that you would otherwise have missed.

This could include evidence that the package is actually on its way to delivery. It could also reveal more information on the nature of the delay.

If it seems that the package is stuck at “Arrival at Processing Center”, you will need to contact the original shipper, as well as the carrier responsible for import and final delivery.

The most likely cause of the item being stuck in processing is that some kind of import tax and/or duties are owed.

What Does “Arrive at the Sita Processing Center” Mean?

status Arrive at Sita Processing Center

A similar status alert is “Arrive at the Sita processing center”. This is a tracking update that is triggered when a package is being delivered from China to Europe via train.

Processing stations equipped with SITA digital scanning facilities are located along the route at the borders of the country the train travels through.

A common route, taken by the Sun Container Train, travels from China, through Kazakhstan and Russia, and into Europe via Lithuania. It is a journey that takes ten days to complete.

As the train passes through the various processing stations the “Arrived at Sita processing center” alert will be automatically sent via the tracking code.

There is nothing you need to do when you receive these alerts. They are in fact an indication that your package from China is making progress toward your location in Europe.

Final Words

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Under normal circumstances, the “Arrival at Processing Center” is a status alert that tells you the package is getting close.

It has arrived in the destination country and should be available for final delivery before long.

The problem arises when the package is stuck on this alert for too long.

This would signify that an issue has occurred during the customs clearance process and therefore action will need to be taken.

Recommended steps are to check your tracking on a universal tracking service for more details, and also to contact the carrier responsible for importing the package.

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  1. So according to my tracking the package has been turned over to USPS how do I track it now and my tracking also says it’s been delivered to me I guess me

  2. Wanna know if my package is there it said that it’s at Bloomington ca. 92316 that’s it iam worry don’t know where is it item number is 3631905587 its 4 colognes

  3. My status reads: Arrive at overseas destination. , express shipment arrives at processing center (US FL). Arrive at the processing center. NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER
    So did the package go back to China? Or is it in NY or FLORIDA? it’s just not making sense

  4. Statement says my package was delivered. Have not received it. Tracking number is AT107862921CN. Would you please let me know the status. If you show “Delivered”, please let me know to whom and what address as I have not received it. Thanks, Alfred Heizer

    • Hi there, Mailbox Master (i.e this website) is not affiliated with China Post. We are a tracking guide resource. Anyway, China Post packages are normaly delivered by USPS in the USA. I would contact them first about the delivery to see if they have any information.

  5. Ordered 2nd Feb No. 2028 tracking No. AM246642298CN
    last bit of info – quote ” 2024-03-14:49 Departure from Processing Center ( Pevensey )” unquote – 8 days ago, from nearby village !
    Previous info = 2024-03-02 08:44 arrival at Proessing Center (Pevensey)
    2024-02-29 10:39 IN Transit (East Sussex)
    2024-02-27 16:53 Arrival UK

    Where is it ?


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