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Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange – What Does it Mean?

What does “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange” mean? This is a tracking update you will often find when waiting for an international shipment to arrive.

Does this alert mean that the package is close? Let’s take a look.

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Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange – Meaning

“Arrival at inward office of exchange” means that the package has arrived at the destination country’s import customs facility. Once the package has passed custom clearance it will be handed over to the destination country’s postal service company. In the U.S, this is USPS.

How far away is my package when I receive an “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange” alert?

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The good news is that the package is close. It has arrived in the destination country, which is the country of the recipient.

Assuming there are no issues with the customs clearance process, the package will be handed to USPS (or whichever courier is being used for final delivery), and from there will be transported to the nearest facility for sorting.

After this is it will be delivered to the closest regional facility to the recipient and finally, to the destination address.

All of this can take between 2 and 7 days depending on the level of service used.

My package is Stuck on “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange”

Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange

In some cases, a package may end up being stuck on the “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange” status update.

There are a number of reasons this can happen.

One is that there is a delay in customs at the destination air or seaport. A hold-up here means it can take several days for your package to go through the customs clearance process.

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Another reason your package might be stuck on “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange” is problems with the customs clearance process, i.e missing paperwork or tax duty owed, etc.

That being said, any such issues are normally shown via updated scans on your tracking page.

In other words, you and/or the shipper will be informed if there are problems at customs.

Which tracking number should I use after receiving an “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange” update?

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Because you now know that the package has arrived in the destination country and will very soon be handed over to the local postal service (USPS or other couriers if used), it means that you can begin using the relevant associated tracking details to check on progress.

Essentially, as soon as the local postal or courier service has the package, it will be scanned into its system.

This will enable you to use the local tracking details to keep updated on potential delivery dates and some instances manage the delivery too.

If you are not sure which tracking number details to use, type the number you have into a universal tracking website for more information.

Final Words

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When you receive the “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange” update, you are being informed that the international transit of your package is over.

The item is now in the destination country and is awaiting customs clearance. Once that is passed, the local postal/courier service will take over the delivery.

Hopefully, your package is now merely days away from arrival.

16 thoughts on “Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange – What Does it Mean?”

  1. Llevo esperando un paquete desde septiembre 24 que arribo a puerto rico us121892955sl y supuestamente esta la oficna de intercambio internacional

  2. My package has said it was at customs and then at inward office of exchange. Its been there since the 21st Sept tracking number RN792087438GB could you tell me when it should arrive in the Algarve,
    Thank you.

    • Hi there, I have looked into this. I suggest that you contact Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP) as the package is with them. It has left Bishkek and is now lost in the ether so to speak. You might need to raise a lost package claim with the postal service.

    • Hello, was this an expedited delivery service? I see that it arrived at Franfurt inward office (i.e customs) a week ago. A standard shipment being held for a week or more awaiting clearance is not unusual. Actually, I just checked your tracking number with Deutsche Post and it states:

      “Fr, 08.12.2023: Ihre Sendung wurde am 08.12.2023 in unserem Logistikzentrum bearbeitet und hat die Zielregion erreicht.”

      Your package is close to delivery. But you can contact Deutsche Post for more info.

      • thank you but they have nit delivered yet. i contacted the customs of frankfut and they told that they do not have to go to customs as they are from eu country. deutsche post is keeping my package like they dont care. Its 15 and they have not done anything yet.

    • Hi there, yes, it looks like your item is waiting in ZURICH URDORF to be shipped to Gambia. 2 weeks at a transit hub isn’t out of the ordinary for an economy shippment from the far east. However, you could contact Japan Post (or if you are the recipient, contact the sender) to see what is causing the hold up.

  3. Hi, I have a package that arrived at JFK on February 9th but it hasn’t moved. The tracking number is CC003312909PK. I thought I would have received it by now, but it appears that it hasn’t left the airport. Can you see something I don’t see? Thanks!!

    • Hi there, yes, considering yours is a priority mail item that was posted almost a month ago, it is definitely taking its time. You are quite right, I can see from the tracking that it has landed in the USA. It is likely held up waiting for customs clearance as USPS do not show signs of having the item with in its delivery network yet. I am afraid it is a continued waiting game at the moment while you wait for clearance to be completed.


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