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Aramex “Out for Delivery” Meaning [Tracking Guide]

You’re expecting a delivery via Aramex and have received an “Out for Delivery” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Will your package arrive that same day? What do you do if it doesn’t?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Aramex “Out for Delivery” Meaning

As with all carriers that use the “Out for Delivery” status alert, when you see this update on your tracking page you know that your package is on the Aramex truck and due for delivery that business day.

Aramex “Out for Delivery” – Guide

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Out for delivery simply means that the package is on the truck for delivery to the final destination arranged for the shipment.

This could be the recipient’s address, however, if an Aramex drop-box solution was ordered, this will be the delivery destination.

The recipient will then be expected to pick up the item from there.

Aramex delivery hours are dependent on the region however, as a rule of thumb your package will arrive between 8 am and 5 pm on the day that the tracking states “Out for Delivery”.

If the delivery is direct to the recipient’s address, you may receive a call from the Aramex driver to confirm that you will be home to accept the delivery.

This will also provide you with more detailed information on the scheduled drop-off time as the driver will know based on where your address sits in line with their delivery route.

All that said, at the very least you know that your Aramex delivery will arrive that business day.

Tracking Stuck on Aramex “Out for Delivery”

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So what happens if it reaches the end of the business day and there is no sign of your package?

There are a number of different scenarios that could be at play here.

First, if you were not at the address throughout the day, the first thing you should look for upon returning home is signs of an attempted delivery.

Has Aramex left an attempted delivery notice in the form of a Calling Card? 

Double-check your Aramex tracking to see if details have been left there.

Aramex tracking page

Your account page may have been updated with information on when a reattempt at delivery will take place, (or steps you need to take to arrange one).

It is also worth checking with any others in your household, around the outside of the house, (in case the package has been left in a safe place on the porch or in the back yard), and with the neighbor.

If you have no luck after all of this, it is likely that the Aramex driver was unable to deliver the item during that working day and the package is still on the truck.

This means that at the very end of the working day, the item will be back at the facility and will be rescanned and reassigned for delivery the following day.

At this point, you should receive a new update with relevant details.

If you don’t, I recommend you wait until the following morning to see if the new business day brings an update.

Finally, if no progress at this stage, it will be time to contact Aramex to find out what the issue is.

Final Words

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Nearly all carriers use the “Out for Delivery” status update and Aramex is no different.

Overall, it is a great alert to see. It means that your package will be delivered that very business day.

If it doesn’t, and you do not receive any information as to why, (and also see no sign of the item the following business day); I recommend you contact Aramex customer services to chase it.

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